How To Advertise Your Business Without Filming A Commercial


If you were asked to think about advertising your business, your mind would go straight to a commercial. We’ve all grown up watching adverts on TV or hearing them on radio stations, but are they the best way to advertise your company? In modern times, no, they’re probably not. Fewer people watch TV and even less are listening to the radio. Instead, you have to explore different options to promote and advertise your business.

Thankfully, there are a plethora of ideas that are begging to be utilized by you. Not only will they spread the word, but they also end up being more cost-effective and less time-consuming than creating your own TV/radio ad.

Sponsor a local sports team

Sponsoring a sports team will advertise your business while requiring minimal effort on your behalf. Essentially, you offer to sponsor a team and pay for their apparel. But, you also put your branding on their gear. It’s a great idea to explore as you can sponsor loads of different teams – if your budget allows. Sponsor the local rugby team or get your name on the local soccer teams jersey. As you can see from Dynamic Gift’s range of swimming caps, you could even sponsor the local swimming team and gain exposure from them. Whenever they play, your brand will be visible to everyone that plays against them and comes to watch the team. If you target local consumers, then this is a smart way to generate leads without having to pay too much money.

Use Google ads

Google Ads let you pay to have your website advertised in the Google search results. It’s proven to be a very cost-effective method as it helps generate leads and boosts your web traffic. When people search for a company like yours, they will see your site straight away. The fact that you’re advertised by Google can give you some credibility as well. People like to think that Google wouldn’t let a dodgy company advertise their website. So, this can encourage more clicks, bring in more exposure, and allow you to find a lot of new customers. The great thing about this idea is that Google uses a PPC advertising system. In essence, you only pay for the advert when someone clicks on it.

Promote with cars

How many cars do you see driving around every day? Each one is a potential billboard for your business. Did you know that some people are open to being paid to have your branding on the side of their vehicle? It’s true, and you can find places online that will match you up with people willing to provide some advertising for your business. Even if you can’t find individuals to do this, you can still do it yourself. Brand your car – or brand your business fleet – and you will advertise your company wherever you go. Think of all the times people will get a chance to look at your car and see your brand logo shining back. It’s a fantastic advertising tool.

Sure, commercials can still be handy – but they’re expensive and time-consuming. All three of these ideas are more affordable and require hardly any work at all.

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