How To Be A Greener Car Driver

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It’s thought that there are over 1 billion motor vehicles in the world, which is almost as many as the populations of China and India. The consequence of this, of course, is that motor vehicle use is damaging the environment.

As the effects of global warming become more and more clear, it’s up to this generation to make some changes to improve the planet for the next. Do you want to make a difference? Why not start with your car? Learn how to become a greener car driver and do your bit to help the environment.

Use your car less

This might sound easier said than done, but there are actually a lot of things you can do to drive less. Starting a carpool with work colleagues is one way you can reduce the amount of driving you do on a daily basis, or you can consider walking, running or cycling to work. Using your car less will not only save the number of emissions you pump into the air each day, but it could save you a lot of money too. Before starting each journey, ask yourself ‘do I really need to drive today?’ and if there are alternatives available, make sure you use them.

Buy an electric or hybrid car

Hybrid and electric cars are becoming more popular as people look for more economical solutions to driving. The rise in electric car usage means that it’s becoming easier to find charging points, and the prices of the vehicles are also much lower than they used to be. If you tend to only use a car for short distances, an electric or hybrid car can be ideal. It will not only save the environment, but you could also significantly reduce how much you spend on gas each month.

Downsize your car

While you might like to drive a pick-up or a four-wheel drive, these big cars are known for being more harmful to the environment than say a compact car. The smaller the car’s engine, the less CO2 it’s likely to produce, so if you can scale back then you should. Do some research into finding the greenest cars on the market to help you make a more sensible decision when it comes to your next car purchase.

Be a better driver

Being a better driver is another way to cut down on your emissions. Not only will you be less likely to speed, but you’ll cut out a lot of unnecessary fast braking and gear changing. It’s worth taking some safe driving tips given to new drivers to help you assess just how well you’re driving to make sure you’re being sensible behind the wheel.

Being a greener driver is just one of the many lifestyle changes you can make to help make a difference to the environment. Even by reducing your vehicle use by a quarter or a fifth, you’ll already be doing your bit to help the planet and reduce the impact of global warming. Start being a greener driver today and be part of positive change.

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