How to Choose Best DIY Spray in Bed Liner

Some parts of the pickup trucks are more vulnerable to excessive wear and corrosion. Yes, we are talking about pickup truck bed. It is probably one of the most abused parts of a truck. But despite their vulnerability, we need to take care of the pickup truck bed. There are lots of options available to prevent your pickup truck bed from getting damaged and scratched. The best option is to coat the bed with the help of a spray in or brush on truck bed liner.

You can easily get thick rubber mats to cover the truck bed. But it is not a good option to suggest. Those plastic bed liner cause damage to themselves by rubbing against the paint. As a result, very soon you come with the issue of rust and peeling off the paint. Recent days advanced pickup trucks are made out of a variety of quality materials best suited for your requirement. A pickup truck bed with no bed liner is like a foot without a sock.

You will get a wide range of bed liners, starting from rubber mats to carpet material. The two most used options available directly from manufacturers are the spray-in liner or a drop-in liner.

You will find Drop-in liners are cheaper. Further, it hides current damage, while it is easy to replace a drop-in bed liner.

Nevertheless for all the practical reasons these drop-in liners are less rugged as compared to spray-in liners. Water may get into the plastic sheet causing rust to the bed. As a result, the life of the bed comes to an end very soon.

Consider using Spray-in liners for the best protection of your truck bed. They are permanent in nature. these liners won’t address the issue of break, shift or fall out. The polyurethane elastomer used adheres the surface of the bed in a perfect manner. It not only provide protection to the bed but also blocks dirt and water to go into it and cause rust and damage.

You can get a variety of spray-in liners in the market. A gritty substance with a texture one is best suitable for your requirement. It prevents the loaded objects from sliding around and it has a great grip in your truck bed. While drop-in liner looks old and haggard, a spray-in liner appears good and go with the trend.

Following are some of the suggested spray-in liners. Identify your need and go with the best pick suitable for your requirement:

1.The thick urethane or a blended polyurethane substance has a thick coating which prevents your cargo from scratching and denting the truck bed.

2. A textured polyurethane truck bed liner coating is thicker than other brush-on coatings. These texturing provides you a slip resistant feature.

3.One more polyurethane coating type truck bed liner comes with a tint to adjust the color of your preference. You can also adjust the thickness of the coating as per your wish.

Putting spay-in lines is associated with some prep work. You need to clean the bed thoroughly before installing spay-in liners. Sanding down the surface will help the liner adhere to the steel. So go for spay-in liners if you do not want your heavy loading items to slip on the bed.

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