How to Improve the Outdoor Space of Your Office

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While providing an inspiring and safe environment in the office is important, when the weather turns nice, you can improve the health and wellbeing of your workers by adding some great features outdoors. You can encourage them to spend their breaks outside, enjoy a picnic, or simply be proud of their environment. Below you’ll find a couple of tips on how to get started with improving the exterior of your business premises.

Picnic Benches and Tables

A great way of offering more than a dark and dull office in the summer for lunch breaks is getting picnic benches and tables outside where people can sit down and have a chat, eat their sandwiches, and top up on Vitamin D. You can find plenty of cost-effective sturdy commercial outdoor furniture to choose from if you check out the ParkWarehouse website and compare the different offers. Outdoor seating can also encourage flexible working.

Fire Assembly Point Signposting

To keep your employees safe in the office, it is important that you clearly signpost the fire assembly point and the directions, so everyone knows where to gather when there is a drill or real fire. Alternatively, you can also create signs for different areas or entrance/exit for your visitors and temporary workers, so they find their way around. Signpost the bike storage area and employee parking, too.


Your office needs to look just as good outside as inside. You might want to employ a commercial landscaper to create a water feature your employees will appreciate, and be proud of. You might also want to create hedging as a fence, as greenery will improve your visitors’ and workers’ mood.

Shaded Areas

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It is important that your employees have somewhere to hide from the scorching temperatures and are provided with shaded areas. Some of them might have sun allergies, but they still want to enjoy the fresh air. Others simply enjoy catching up on social media outside, but will not see their screen due to the flare. You might even award the best performing office staff to be able to work from outside for an hour or two.

Smoking Shelters

There’s nothing worse than having an important client visit your office and facing people smoking away by the main entrance. You can have health programs and training to help your employees quit, but not everyone has the willpower to do so. Therefore, you will need to create a smoking shelter away from the main entrance, not overlooked by the offices, so you can give your employees the privacy while maintaining a professional image.

When it comes to employee wellbeing, you should focus on the interior and exterior space as well. Sometimes the first thing your employees notice when they arrive is the outside of the office. The more organized and friendly it is the better mood they will be in when they arrive. Provide them with outdoor chillout areas and shelter, so they can get some fresh air and Vitamin D when they need it.

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