How to Keep a Senior Safe Behind the Wheel

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The baby boomer generation is getting older, and they grew up relying on their cars to get to the shop and socialize. For many living in rural areas, their car is the only connection between them and the outside world. However, with 18 percent of fatalities on the road involving older drivers, according to USA Today, it might be your responsibility to keep an eye on your older relatives. Below you will find a few tips on how to keep them safe.

Get Them to Give You a Ride

If you would like to get the full picture about their driving abilities, you can occasionally ask them to give you a ride. This will look innocent, but can make you assured that they are safe and can manage the increasingly challenging situations. There are some situations when they should give up their car to stay safe and avoid accidents, in other cases simple adjustments will help.

Get a Dash Cam Installed

In case you are not living in the same area and you can’t get a lift from your elderly friend or relative, you can encourage them to get a dash cam installed. You can also check out BlackboxMyCar to keep them safe and monitor what’s happening when they drive. This will not only help you keep an eye on how they behave on the roads, but also give them the peace of mind that they can’t be blamed for accidents they didn’t cause just because of their age.

Encourage them to Take Extra Lessons

If you find that your older relative’s driving skills need an update, and they would benefit from extra training, you can surprise them with a course voucher. If they have developed a fear of highways, or simply would like to get further in their car, this might be the right opportunity to learn avoidance driving and feel safer behind the wheel. This will also mean that they will not have to give up their car and face loneliness.

Get Them to Change their Car

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Better technology and connected driver assistance features can improve people’s awareness and driving style. Do your research and find a safe model they can swap to. As an example. Throughout the years, Volvo has introduced a number of safety updates and pioneered some of the technologies that were later adopted by other manufacturers. Choose a smaller car or one that matches their driving style and needs.

Aftermarket Safety Upgrades

If you can’t convince them to part from their current vehicle, you can still get some aftermarket safety upgrades. From reverse cameras to early warning systems and lane keeping assist, you can find the right upgrade and modification that will give you the peace of mind that your elderly relative is kept safe. Consider lane keeping assistance and autonomous braking systems, too.

Many people worry about their elderly relatives’ driving skills. It is a dilemma; if they give up driving they might feel cut off the civilization, but if they don’t step up their game, they might endanger themselves and others.

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