How To Put The Fun Back Into Driving

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There is so much to love about driving – the feeling of freedom and independence, being able to go where you want, whenever you want, having your choice of music playing, and the sensation of the wind blowing in through the sunroof and open windows.

Except, it’s not always like that, far from it. Even if you enjoy driving, it isn’t always a ride of fun. It can be tedious and monotonous, and all of the fun can be sucked out of it when you make the same journey to and from work every day. However, as long as you remember that inherently, it can be a fun and enjoyable activity, you can make it fun and enjoyable again – you just need to switch up a few of your driving habits and get a little creative. Here are some tried and tested tips for making your driving experience just a little bit more fun when it starts to feel dull.

Take A Road Trip

The majority of the trips we take in our car are purely practical and necessary – the commute to work, the school run, dropping the kids off at play dates and sports clubs, doing the grocery shopping. If you are purely using your car for these activities, it moves the car away from being something infused with fun and excitement to being just another practical and useful addition to our lives. Sometimes, it is nice to take a trip that is based entirely on good times. There is nothing that will make you fall in love with your vehicle more than an awesome road trip. Plan a scenic route, pack up the car, and head out for a few days of pure leisure driving.

Change the car

We can blame the commute and the other drivers on the road. We can blame the mundane activities that we do in our car, but sometimes, it can be the car itself. If we are driving around in a vehicle that we don’t love. There is little wonder that we are not enjoying the experience. The most obvious solution is to look for a new car that is not only practical but fun to drive, such as the new Land Rover Discovery. If you are not in the position to buy a new car, treat your existing one to a full valet, and some new accessories such as chrome alloys, new car mats and if you haven’t already got one, a decent sound system. You’ll find driving to be much more pleasant if you enjoy the vehicle that you’re driving around in

Switch up the commute

One of the main things we complain about is being stuck in traffic. Even the best car in the world won’t be much fun if you are sat in bumper to bumper traffic, day in, day out. If the commute is bringing you down, look at switching it up, and take a different route. Even if it takes a little longer, it will be worth it if you are no longer dreading the journey.

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