How To Stay Safe When Using Kodi & Other Streaming Software

Everyone knows that Kodi is the best software around today for streaming movies and TV shows online. The issue is that piracy laws mean users could get themselves into a lot of trouble. With that in mind, this article will draw your attention towards some steps you need to take to ensure you never receive a threatening letter from your internet service provider. Put these ideas into action as soon as possible.

Don’t download illegal add-ons

There are lots of Kodi add-ons that enable you to stream movies and TV shows illegally. Downloading them will mean you run the risk of getting caught and facing lots of fines. So, make sure you only download some of the many hundreds of legal add-ons if you want to stay safe.

Secure your privacy with a VPN

A virtual private network will help you to maintain maximum privacy and ensure your Kodi history does not fall into the wrong hands. You can use the infographic below to learn more about selecting the right one and installing it on your system.

Run a peer blocking package

You’ll find lots of peer blocking tools online that will stop unwanted connections from governments, law enforcement, and movie companies. Software of that nature will act as a lifeline, and it should prevent you from getting into trouble if you accidentally click an illegal movie.

Use these tips to ensure you don’t make mistakes when it comes to using Kodi at home or anywhere else. If you need extra advice; there is a wealth of free information online. Just conduct some more research!

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