How to Talk About Distracted Driving With Your Teen

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Distracted driving is by far the most common among teenagers – and it’s likely to lead to an accident. When your teenager is finally behind the steering wheel, it’s a good idea to have that extra chat with them about the dangers of behaving like a teenager on the road.

It is, unfortunately, the case that they tend to drive cars packed full of their friends, using their phone while driving, and trying to focus on the road while still allowing for every kind of distraction in the car. Luckily, they have their parents to straighten things out and make that road trip a lot safer.

Here are a couple of things you should talk to your teenager about in terms of distracted driving so that you can feel a bit more relaxed when they head off on that trip.

What is distracted driving?

First of all, they need to know what counts as distracted driving. It’s typical for young people that they’ve heard of the term but don’t really think it applies to their driving since everyone is driving that way.

Make sure that you point out the dangers of driving with rowdy passengers in the backseat, texting while driving, and even allowing the passengers to put the music on max. Anything that could distract them from the road counts as distracted driving – even if it’s mom or dad sending that text and they feel like they have to reply.

Putting on makeup is another way to take your eyes and mind off the road as well as eating and talking on the cell phone. Even if your eyes are on the road, you could still get distracted – and they could end up in an accident.

What they should do if they are in an accident

While it’s good to know what counts as distracted driving and how to prevent it, it’s also important to know what to do if the accident should occur. Make sure that your teenager has the number to your insurance company written down, that they know what to do immediately after the accident, and that they won’t be in trouble for being in an accident.

As a parent, it’s good to point out that you’re, of course, way more worried about them than the state of the car. This company will repair your Mercedes Benz after an accident, and you can easily find other mechanics for all types of cars. Give them the number to the one that applies to you so that they have it with them.

By building safe driving habits from the beginning, you’re lowering the chances of getting that dreaded phone call that your teen has been in an accident. While it may be minor, it is still a nerve-wracking call to get – and definitely a frightening experience for your teenager.

Let them know that it’s much better to tell their friends to be quiet rather than ending up in an accident, and talk to other parents about it too – that way, you’re not alone in educating your kid.

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