How to Turn Your Car Into an Eco-Friendly Vehicle

One of the most pressing issues of society today that transcends political and diplomatic relations is Climate Change, and with it, Global Warming. Because it directly affects the state of the world, nations have considered it as a threat of high alert and has become the catalyst for many efforts to aid and minimize human behavior that is heavily contributing to the worsening of the state of the Earth. There are been numerous calls for an overhaul in the lifestyles of mankind, changes and innovations in the products and services that businesses provide, etc.

Multiple studies have found that one of the biggest contributing factor to the rising danger that is climate change are brought about by cars. The carbon emissions that is one of its most prominent and common element is seen as one of the strongest factors for the exacerbating conditions of the world today.

Of the numerous solutions brought about by years of countless research, one of the best ones offered by car manufacturers to reduce vehicles’ hazardous impacts to the environment was the introduction of hybrid and electric cars.

But while it’s agreeable that they are the best solution that car companies have, not everyone is suited to the kind of demands that hybrid cars have. Purchasing one is much more expensive than their standard counterparts, not to mention the other costs of maintenance and general upkeep. That’s why, as of recent years, they still remain as a sort-of “luxury among luxury” — something that can only be availed by those privileged enough to afford them in the long haul.

If you cannot afford them but still want to play your part in helping save the environment and the Earth, here are nine proven ways to make your car more eco-friendly regardless of its make, model, or year — as presented by this infographic by Global Tint UK.

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