How We Can Get More Women Into The Construction Industry

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In the age of #MeToo, we need to address the inequalities across every industry and facet of life. While female leadership quotas are on the rise, there are industries where women are gravely misrepresented. In many cases, there are industries where women don’t feel encouraged to apply. The construction industry is a very good example. We need more women in the construction industry but how can this be achieved?

Promoting The Diversity Of Roles

The construction industry can suffer from a stereotypical image that it’s a bunch of men in hard hats sitting around wolf-whistling at every woman that passes. What we have to remember that there is a diversity of roles within the construction industry, not just on the job site itself. We can address the plethora of clients involved in the supply chain from antenna alignment tool providers like Sunsight Instruments all the way through to the architects that prepare the blueprints. The diversity of roles is something that needs to be addressed.

Addressing The Gender Pay Gap

This is still a major problem. Women in the construction industry earn 95.7% of what men make. What’s even more shocking is that women of color earn less. The gender pay gap can only be fixed if women are of equal footing. While the gender pay gap is narrower in the construction industry than many others it is not on equal footing yet.

Encouraging The Younger Generations

There is a disparity between the older generations and the younger. We’re seeing a lack of skills across the board with millennials and as the baby boomers are retiring it’s important to place the focus onto the younger generations. We need to actively encourage them to join the industry but this is only achievable by communicating the industry as a modern and dynamic arena. It’s important that we go through the schools and start to communicate why the construction industry is not just an exciting career choice but why it’s also a lucrative one. Of all the numerous skills that millennials have in relation to computerized systems, the aspects of physical work are severely lacking.

Actively Hiring Women In Leadership Positions

While women are needed at all job levels, the most important way to facilitate change will come from the very top. More women in leadership are beneficial to a business in terms of collaboration. Women are likelier to work more cooperatively than men. And as the construction industry has suffered from a lack of collaboration having more women in leadership roles will benefit a company’s profits.

It’s imperative that more women apply for the construction industry but it’s not something that can be achieved overnight. There are industry events that are working to support female voices in the construction industry but we also need to note that there is a lot of work to be done. As women are working to maintain their ground across every industry the construction business can seem somewhat stuck in the past. It’s imperative that the industry makes alterations soon.

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