Review ICZI USB 2.0 Data Transfer Cable and Keyboard Mouse Link for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Mac OS, Android and Linux

This is an amazing gadget add-on to my office, I am a busy Entrepreneur and I constantly am running back and forth to different computers and devices in order to use various keyboards and mice. I’m so pleased with getting this to help make my work go by faster and smoother, I have tested this out on my Android Note 4, my Windows 10 laptop and Windows 7 and Vista desktop along with my Android tablet and Android Laptop as well on my Linux mint – Debian Linux – Ubuntu and Arch Linux machines and all work seamlessly.

The installation process for all these devices I mentioned above was a plug and play operation, just plug in the KM Cable to your device that is going to be sharing its keyboard and mouse, a prompt should popup asking you to install the software click accept and let the process begin. When the device installs connect the other end of the KM cable to the other device using the USB cable or if your using a mac or smartphone or tablet use the Micro USB cable that is included, the next step is simple just open the software that was installed to set your preferences. In order to control the connected device hold cntrl + s for a few seconds and you should see a mouse curser popup on your Android device, if your connecting a PC to PC then just move the mouse around on the shared PC and you can now use one PC to control the second.

Not only can you share your Mouse and Keyboard with another device, but also Clipboard data (Copy and Paste)

I am a busy guy so writing this review is proof that this KM Cable by ICZI is an amazing add on for me and possibly for you!

I really enjoyed testing out this time saving device from ICZI and so happy with its operation! I’ve listed some Pros and Cons below for your reading pleasure!

Not big and bulky like a USB Dock, very small and easy to conceal!
Installation was as easy as Pie!
Works with Macs,LInux,Windows and Androids!
Software is very easy to use and configurable!
A Time Saver!
Looks Clean and Professional!
ClipBoard Sharing

Would like to see it capable of Video passthrough!
USB 3.0 would be a great upgrade!




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