IKEA Canada Purchases Alberta Wind Farm

IkeaIKEA is set to be energy independent by 2020, making many investments in wind farms in many different countries internationally. The most recent wind farm IKEA has gotten it’s hands on is in Alberta, Canada. IKEA Canada has acquired a 49 megawatt wind farm project near Pincher Creek, AB, which won’t be fully operational until next year. This wind farm will produce enough power to run 32 stores, and more than IKEA actually needs in Canada.

The wind farm was purchased from a company called Mainstream Renewable Power.

Other than IKEA’s renewable energy efforts in Canada, IKEA has also purchased wind farms in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, France, Poland, the UK, and Ireland.

It’s nice to see a company actually making an attempt when it comes to renewable energy. Now just imagine if all these big corporations became energy independent and used alternative sources of energy, instead of coal and other “dirty” sources of power production.

The fact that a big company is seriously investing in alternative energy sources like wind farms is very promising to the entire industry. It could be a big push for change for many companies, and it could also push funding into the field of alternative energy, speeding up the development process of effective and efficient alternative energy sources. Big companies need to put money and time into the field to get any results out of it. The big oil companies have the money to do it, but none of them really want to do much in the field of alternative energy, except push good ideas under the rug. This really could be the light at the end of the tunnel, because with the way we’re going, we’re destroying the planet. Everything we do pollutes the planet, especially energy production.

Development of these alternative energy sources is key for a brighter future, but that development isn’t exactly cheap. That’s where the big companies come into play. They have the money that can make it happen. That’s why it is so promising to see them heading in the direction of energy independence. More companies need to follow, pushing for more alternative energy. Alternative energy like wind turbines, solar panels, and hydro electric plants are the future.

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