Importance of Variable Message Signs

Variable message signs are one such important elements of the dynamic traffic management system. As per the traffic situations, VMS helps in informing, warning and offering you all the guidelines to the motorists on highways, roads and expressways of the city. Although radar speed signs have become a great success everywhere, VMS display the route information, warnings, and special information and toll rates. VMS can work really well without being disturbed by any environmental condition and it can be offered as a text sign with different types of bipolar, colored or monochromatic display. These signs can be placed in many places like highways, road junctions and urban arteries. They are installed either at the side or above the roadway; VMS uses the text and graphics in monochrome or the color. The signs are so versatile that they make it suitable for offering all the type of traffic information that is used by many situations like emergencies or at the time of construction. VMS can also be used in those cities that help in communicating events and activities, schedule for offices, parking availability, travel warnings that are posted in many languages.

The display are made using long life LED technique that can be easily visible during all the types of weather conditions using solar sensor and the brightness can be easily adjusted both for the clear day as well as for the night view. The display system can operate as a stand-alone system or it can be combined with other traffic control methods that provide data for detecting traffic, monitoring and proper surveillance.

Traffic detection system

The traffic detection system comprises of a series of devices as well as software applications that are dedicated to the collection of traffic data as well as any other analysis that needs to be done further. The system helps in continuous detection of road traffic all the time and it has become successful in collecting useful information regarding road mobility and traffic.

Traffic monitoring system

Traffic monitoring helps in real time monitoring of the situations and happening of road areas by using video devices. The system gets useful information regarding the road traffic and helps to improve the road safety for the users.

Video surveillance system

This system identifies defined events and forwards digital images. It is used to limit the access to the pedestrians or the zones that are limited to traffic or illegal parking zones. This has increased the safety on roads and reduces accidents, crime and violation of rules.

Some features of VMS are:

  • They are proven reliable for communication protocols.
  • Use of solar powered variable message signs diagnoses information and reports the error to the central system, saving energy.
  • You can address almost 250 displays in one network.
  • You can auto send the information keeping the time and date in order as per the calendar.
  • You can send messages to the configured mobile numbers if the sign fails to work at some condition.
  • They are easy to access and you can get very easy and faster replacements of any part.
  • They have very efficient and reliable power supply.

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