Improving Office Morale


When you run a busy business, it’s hard to keep on top of everything. When things are going well, and everyone is busy, it’s all too easy for your team to start getting stressed out. When this happens, morale can drop, followed by productivity and even the quality of work can deteriorate. We all hope to be busy, but without considering what that could mean for your team members and employees, you can be unprepared for a sudden drop in morale.

If you want your office to run smoothly, you need to keep spirits up. This certainly doesn’t mean that you have to cater to everyone’s every desire; they work for you after all. But, it is worth finding ways to boost morale, helping your staff to manage their stress, and giving them what they need to do their jobs well, without causing them further stress and unease.

Try to Offer Flexibility

You might live for your business, working all hours and taking work home. But, that’s because it’s yours (and even then, you should make an effort to take a break!) You can’t expect your employees to do the same. They have lives and families outside work, and they’ll want to be able to enjoy them.

Many managers make the mistake of thinking that only parents need flexible working hours. This isn’t the case. Most people have other responsibilities. Try to offer everyone the opportunity to work flexibly, considering each individual’s needs, and not just assuming that they all want the same thing.

Allow Regular Rest Breaks

There’s a theory that we can only focus for around 30 minutes at a time. After that, our minds start to wonder, and we stop working our best. Now, that doesn’t mean that your staff need an hour off after every 30 minutes of work. But, it does mean that regular rest breaks can boost morale and increase productivity. Allowing occasional five-minute breaks for a walk or a drink, and a more extended break every few hours can work well.

Create a Fun Break Room

Regular breaks are great. But, if your team members are forced to spend their time off in a dull and boring room with nothing in it, they won’t return to work feeling refreshed and happy. Making a few additions to your break room can have a wonderful effect. Look at custom arcade machines, and add some comfortable seating, some basic kitchen equipment and a well-stocked fridge.

Encourage Out of Hours Activities

A team that gets on well works together well. They know each other’s strengths, weaknesses and quirks, they read each other well and pick up on each other’s moods. Reducing staff turnover gives your team a chance to get to know each other better, but so does encouraging out of work activity.

Get Stuck in

Your mood and behaviors affect your staff. If you are happy and stress-free, and you get stuck in, helping out when things are busy and doing the occasional menial task, your team will respect you and morale will improve.

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