In 3, 2, 1… Ensuring Your Live Video Streaming Event Goes Off Without A Hitch


Whether you are working in business, when you are striving to set up a YouTube channel or wanting to improve your presence on the various online platforms, a live video streaming event is something that can provide immediate satisfaction, increase your viewership, but also it’s something that will teach you a lot, very quickly, on how to present yourself! This isn’t the whole kit and caboodle; good quality live streaming events change you overnight. It’s all part of the same thing, promotion. And when you are working at promoting a product, or yourself, you need to find the right ways to ensure that your live streaming event is going to be a success. What are the best ways to do this?

Understand The Purpose First

Regardless of your stance, when working on developing a live streaming event, it’s better for you to determine early on what you are doing this for. In many ways, it can seem like a very exciting thing to do, because of the veritable results it could yield, but beforehand, you need to decide what you really want out of this. For example, do you need more awareness on the product you are promoting, or do you want more subscribers to your YouTube channel? Because live streaming is such an important aspect in many ways and can generate massive results, the temptation can be to dive in without proper planning, but if it goes wrong, you may have shot yourself in the foot before you take your first steps. As soon as you determine the purpose, then you can press forward.

Picking Your Location

Not just in terms of your physical location, but the platforms on which to host your event are as important. It depends on certain variables, such as if you want to capture the imaginations of as many people as possible quickly, or do you want to give your streaming event a trial run? In which case, there are numerous platforms for both approaches. You could go via Facebook live, YouTube Live, Periscope, and these are just a handful. Each streaming service has its own limitations, such as a cap on the amount of time you can broadcast, but this also depends on the event you are hosting anyway. If you’re looking to host a live event in the rawest sense, with a live audience, a time limit might not be the best approach. And in addition to this, when you are picking your physical location, you need to think about the technical capabilities and limitations your event may have, depending on the venue.

Aligning Your Tech

Let’s face it, everybody can do a live streaming event now, and it’s not hard; all you need is a half decent smartphone, and you can do one on the move. But in order to make a live event something worth staying tuned for, you need to start thinking a bit more about the aesthetics. Because everybody is able to set up a live event now, and all we need is a simple GoPro camera and a camera stand, this can be all you need to bring in thousands of followers. But if you’re looking for something a bit more, then you need to think about making the event as exciting as possible to watch. This is why the tech aspect is so important. There are so many different ways to utilize technology to make a live event run like clockwork, but also look amazing at the same time. Think about the signal that is coming out of the camera. One of the most common practice is being used now is utilizing a video switcher, which can create a very multi-layered approach to the visuals. Let’s face it, because a single camera setup is very limiting, and can be very dull for the viewer, by giving yourself the options of a multiple camera setup, this means that you are able to make the event more interesting, and if you are streaming an event where there is more than one person on camera, you have to find ways to deliver a production that is dynamic and exciting to watch.

Promoting The Event

And once everything is in place, from the technology, the various pre-production aspects, and a script has been written, it’s now time to promote the event. What are the best ways to do this? Depending on the platform you choose, they can help you with specific marketing tactics, blacks predominantly, social media is vital in this respect. Of course, if you have dedicated people coming to your website, this is one way to promote the event effectively, but when you are looking at gaining new followers, you have to tap into appealing to the right demographic. In addition to this, the old school approaches may work best, such as targeted advertising, using the right brand advocates to promote the event, but also you may want to think about using videos as a way to promote the event, especially if you have a big draw, such as a special guest. And, depending on your stance, and how influential you are with other bloggers and businesses, the good old fashioned press release may be a simple way to generate traffic. After all, this is the role of so many communications specialists and PR strategists, and they still have success in sending out the old-fashioned press release now and again.

If you are not making any headway with your standard promotional tactics, like your blogs, or social media postings, a live streaming event could be what you need to reinvigorate your business or product. But beware, as so many businesses and bloggers out there use live streaming quickly, and effectively, this means you have to think a little bit more about how you can get across to a certain audience. The aesthetic side of things could prove to be a way to keep your image unique, but it’s important to try the best approach for you. Sometimes, simple is best, but simple is what everybody else does!

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