Incredible Medical Technology We Can’t Live Without

Today, I’m going to have a look at some of the most revolutionary medical technologies out there. These are things that people can’t live without, and make a huge difference to healthcare and people’s lives.

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X-Rays have been used for years to find out what’s going on inside our bodies. If you have any severe pains, you’re usually forced to have an x-ray. It gives you a view inside your body, and you can see all the bone structures. Doctors use it all the time, and they’d be lost without this technology. Then, we have more advanced body scanning techniques that use the power of x-rays. MRI’s and CT scans are used to look at the whole body, rather than a select portion. Technology has advanced so much, and x-rays have improved as a result. There’s not as much risk involved, and the results are clearer. If you took this medical technology off the planet, then medical treatment would be a lot worse. Imagine not being able to see what was wrong inside your body. Doctor’s couldn’t show patients what the problem was, and some issues would be harder to diagnose. With x-rays, there’s a clarity to the treatment you get.


If there’s one thing we’ve grown dependent on its DNA testing. This has been used to figure out so many things that can change the course of someone’s life. Being able to test and compare people’s genetic structure is a feat we undervalue these days. This is because it’s become such common practice, we forget how difficult the process is. And, technology has advanced to the point where things are made even easier for us. These days, you can get a paternity test kit and other genetic test kits to use at home. You supply all the samples, then send it off to a lab for the technology to take over. Just for a second, imagine the world where this wasn’t possible, so many lives would be different. That’s why this technology is on this list; it’s a life changer.



Artificial Limbs

For the vast majority of people, artificial limbs aren’t a concern. However, they are absolutely life changing for those that need them. Amputees have long had to deal with a restricted life. Losing a leg meant you were forced into a wheelchair or had to use crutches your whole life. But, as medical technology advanced, the ability to create artificial limbs was born. Someone losing a leg or arm can now have an artificial one attached to their body. It gives people the ability to walk again and live life without restrictions. Plus, there are more and more innovations each day. Artificial limbs are now able to move and function like normal body parts. It’s incredible what science can help us do these days. Artificial limbs change the face of the medical world, and so many people can’t live without them.

These three things are all very different from one another. But, there’s no denying they share one major commonality. All of these technologies serve to make healthcare better and change people’s lives.


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