Incredible Ways Technology Is Changing Some Of The Biggest Industries In The World



Everyone loves to talk about and discuss technology. One discussion I want to put forward is how technology is shaping the world. Or, more to the point, how is it changing some of the biggest industries in the world?

That’s what I’ll be revealing to you in this piece today. Below, you’ll find four of the biggest industries, and how technology has changed them forever:



I could write an entire article on how technology is changing the healthcare industry. There are so many developments, many of us don’t even notice them! To try and make some sense of all that’s happening, I’ll split this into two different topics. Firstly, I’ll look at the technology that has improved general healthcare. Then, I’ll look at how technology has improved productivity in various healthcare institutions.

So, let’s begin by looking at the improvements. The first one that springs to mind is x-ray technology. A lot of you may be unaware of this, but, x-rays have changed over the last twenty years. Historically, they were seen as quite dangerous things. Patients sometimes had to wear lead vests to protect themselves from the harmful rays. Nowadays, this isn’t necessary, and they’re a lot safer. Furthermore, technology has sped up the process and made findings more accurate too. Another example of technological changes revolves around surgeries. Surgeons now have better ways of practicing their techniques. Simulators are so realistic it translates their skills perfectly to a real operation. Furthermore, 3D printing allows for lifelike models of certain body parts and organs. So, surgeons can practice removing and inserting different parts of particular organs. All of this contributes to a greater standard of health care from surgeons. The final example I have is with artificial limbs. Technology is so advanced that people can get cyber limbs attached to them. They can control these limbs and function like regular human beings once more. This is a recent development, and things will improve even more with it. One thing’s for certain; general health care procedures have been vastly improved by technology.

Now, let’s look at how the industry has improved productivity. The main way is by using computer and internet technologies. Institutions are now storing patient information online, securely. This makes it easier to access and transfer records between institutions. It speeds up a lot of processes and saves loads of time. Secondly, some places are using things called telemedicine platforms. I won’t go into too much detail; you can learn about Chiron Health to find out more if you wish. In short, it’s a way for patients to book appointments and get video consultations. The aim is to reduce waiting times and make it easier for people to get medical care. This helps speed things up, as many people are spending ages waiting for appointments. With these two developments, healthcare is improved and sped up.



The financial sector is one of the biggest and most profitable industries in the world. A lot of business districts are dominated by financial companies. There are so many around; it’s impossible to ignore them in this piece. I won’t lie; technology hasn’t had as massive an impact on this industry compared to healthcare. But, that doesn’t mean there haven’t been any major developments. Technology has still caused things to change and improve in the financial sector.

Firstly, let’s look at how financial institutions carry out their work. The best thing to do is compare modern businesses with ones in the past. Soon, you’ll see some major changes, thanks to technology. Primarily, financial software is now essential for every company. You can’t make it in this industry without the best software around. It’s crazy how much this has changed and shaped the finance sector. Institutions are now far more secure and productive. The software helps banks manage people’s money far more efficiently than it used to. It also gives consumers an easier way of checking their balance and transferring money.

This is the main way technology has changed this massive industry. It’s made so many things a lot easier. In doing so, productivity in this business sector has never been higher. Personally, I’m intrigued to see how much technology will improve things in the future. One thing I’m a fan of is banks offering contactless debit cards. I think it’s such a convenient way of paying for things in this modern age. Let’s face it; life is a rush. Those few moments you save not having to put in your pin code make a world of difference. It’s the difference between making your train and getting to work on time or not. For me, the financial sector needs to focus a lot on this form of technology.




It’s funny how many people forget about the retail industry when they’re talking about the biggest ones in the world. Retail is a huge sector that spans all across the globe. The scope of this industry is best illustrated by the new richest man in the world. He’s the owner of retail franchise Zara, which shows you how much money can be made in this sector. But, money isn’t the focus here, technology is! So, how has it changed and shaped the retail industry? In truth, this industry has perhaps been affected the most by technology. More specifically, one thing has reshaped the way that retail businesses go about their work.

The thing I’m talking about is the internet. That’s right; internet technology has changed the retail industry forever. The way a company operates is so different to how it would a decade or two ago. Back in the day, shops would line every street with crowds of people in them every day. If you needed to buy anything, you had to head down to your nearest shops. This applied to any purchase, food, clothes, entertainment; you name it. Nowadays, things are very different. People can purchase things online from their sofa if they want. There’s almost no need for a lot of people to leave their house and go to the shops. This is all down to the advancements in internet technology. It’s allowed companies to create a website with ease. They can list and sell products to people all over the country. The convenience is almost too much for some retail companies. Lots are closing down because they can’t compete with the demand for online retail.

We’re also seeing some retail businesses being online-only. This means they don’t bother with a traditional store. It’s a new way of doing things, and changes so much about the industry. Now, you have to get with the times, or you’ll fail. Understanding how to get the most out of online technology is a must for every retail business. At some point, I feel as though online retail stores will be the only ones to exist. Traditional retail will die, and the birth of an online era will begin.




Again, like retail, many people forget how big the transportation industry is. Well, it’s massive, and we depend a lot on it. By transportation, I’m talking about the way we get around. Things like trains, buses, trams, etc. I’m sure you already have some ideas as to how technology has changed this sector. It’s no secret that there have been major developments that have changed things dramatically.

Firstly, think about green technology and transportation. Over the years, things have become more and more environmentally friendly. These days, you will find buses that are powered by electric engines and emit no carbon emissions. As you can imagine, this is massive for the transportation industry. They’ve come under fire for contributing to global warming and increased CO2 emissions for years. Think about how many buses you see on the roads every day. Now, imagine they’re all run by electric motors, what a difference it will make! This is only possible thanks to technology and its ability to adapt and change.

Furthermore, there are big changes to how the public approach transportation. How irritating is it having a wallet full of old train/bus tickets? It’s frustrating and makes it easy to lose a ticket. Now, mobile technology makes this a thing of the past. You can buy tickets on your phone and scan them to get through ticket barriers. There’s no need for tickets in some parts of some countries; everything is done using mobile technology. Again, this can also be said to improve the sustainability of the industry. They’re wasting less paper by not using tickets as much as they used to. This also reduces waste as many people throw tickets on the floor or in general rubbish bins. So, there’s no doubt that technology has helped clean up one of the biggest industries on earth. Transportation is less damaging to the environment thanks to green tech.

These four industries will never be the same thanks to technology. Naturally, this is a good thing, as it’s improved so much. Each of these industries has seen massive benefits because of technological developments. It will be intriguing to see how much things change again in the future.




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