The Infamous Seattle Heroin Problem: Why Does Addiction Occur So Often in Washington?

When it comes to the towns that unfortunately get mentioned in stories about addiction Seattle is always in the mix for some reason or another. There’s always been people there who have had drug and alcohol addiction problems.

Its name has been brought up on more than one occasion for being the home of some of the most famous people in the spotlight who have lost their lives due to not being able to break free from addiction and find healthy ways to cope with the pain of the world.

Cases such as Jimi Hendrix who ended up dying from suffocating on his own vomit after a stint of drinking and drugs. Even with Hendrix being “experienced” with drug and alcohol use far before his untimely death, it only took one night and one grave decision to seal his fate.

Another was Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, he was more open than some about his addiction to heroin and alcohol. With his marriage to another openly addicted celebrity Courtney Love, their interviews and music openly expressed the usage drugs and depression. To some it was no surprise that Cobain ended up taking his own life. There’s been rumors of his wife murdering him, but that has never been proven.

It seems that some people in Seattle are introduced to drugs at a young age and it has sort of become a way of life in this pacific northwest harbor city.

There’s obviously the question as to what the problem is and why it’s so common for Seattle to have drug and alcohol addicted residents. Could it be that it is the gloom that seems to cover the town for the majority of the year? Seattle is leading in most studies when it comes to depression.

Perhaps it’s the fact that it’s near the Canadian province of British Columbia? As it is also known for its importation of drugs from overseas, allowing for the influx of any drug that you would want.

Who knows? But there is and has always been a problem with addiction in Seattle.

You would expect that this would also include an overwhelming amount of homelessness in the city. You’re right, that’s something that the city is also trying to figure out.

Two years ago there was a study that looked in to alcohol and drug treatment and the success rate of rehabs in Seattle and the homelessness issue.

The city started giving them homes to help maintain sobriety and seemed to have worked with getting people off the streets, off drugs and alcohol and back on their feet again.

It seems like the city is taking a forward-thinking approach when it comes to alcohol treatment in Seattle. Which is a good thing for the people living there now and hopefully far into the future.

Whatever the problem may be, this is something that cannot be overlooked and swept under the rug. No matter if it’s in Seattle, or the United States, or the rest of the world. There needs to be an increase in giving people the benefit of the doubt, as well as allow people to try to be better and not hold their past against them.

Seattle is a beautiful place with beautiful people and what would make it better is if there were more programs in place that truly empower people to do their best, love themselves and make them feel like they are a part of society.

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