Is It Right To Go Into The Doctor’s Office With Your Child?

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Getting kids to visit a doctor is never easy. Nothing’s more frightening than speaking to a stranger about the way you’re feeling at the age. Still, if your child is unwell or gets injured, it’s essential that you book them an appointment. Only by turning to a trained professional can you ensure they get the care they need.

Once you’ve managed to get them into the waiting room, though, you face the question of whether you should go in with them. It’s a tricky issue, and it generally depends on few different factors. A more independent child may not want you to attend, for example. Equally, a teenager may want privacy so they can speak without worry. In these cases, this is a cut or dry issue, and you would be best waiting outside.

But, what if your child doesn’t express a preference either way? Advice suggests that it’s also worth going in in situations like these. And, we’re going to look at why.

You’ll be able to pay attention to what the doctor says

We all know that kids don’t make the greatest listeners. They can be pretty selective with their hearing, or switch off to things altogether. In that case, neither you or they would be any the wiser about what’s going on/what the plan of action is. That could lead to severe issues going under the radar, or more worries coming to the fore. Not to mention that it can make a waste of the whole trip. By attending the appointment with them, though, you can make sure to pay attention to what the doctor says. You could even take notes so that you can return to anything important. This can help you to know exactly what’s wrong with your child, and what that doctor intends to do about it.

You can ask questions

Kids are also unlikely to ask questions when a stranger tells them something they don’t understand. This could, again, stop them from understanding a diagnosis or treatment plan. If you attend the appointment, though, you’ll be much more able to ask necessary questions. In cases of severe illness, this could make a huge difference to recovery time and ease of treatment. While rare, it is also worth noting that there have been some wrongful death lawsuit cases due to medical malpractice or wrongful diagnosis. Alone, your child is unlikely to question a diagnosis which doesn’t seem right. But, if you’re in there with them, you can pull that doctor up on anything which you’re not sure about there and then.

You can provide comfort

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At the very least, your presence can provide comfort, especially if your child has to undergo tests. Something as simple as lifting their top so a doctor can listen to their breathing would be daunting without you there. Though your child may be too proud to ask, then, the chances are that they’re desperate for your presence in that room. So, make sure that you don’t let them down.

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