Is It Time For Your Company To Go Paperless

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Modern offices are cutting down on paper consumption. Not only can cutting down on paper save you money, but it can also save you space by not having a need for filing cabinets or noticeboards. Most importantly, it can help to save the environment – which can reflect well on your company’s reputation.

Going paperless is becoming easier thanks to advances in digital technology. Here are just a few steps that could help you to create a paperless business.

Create digital backups for important paper contracts/documents

The first step could be to get rid of all your existing paper documents. If you don’t already have digital versions of these, consider scanning these documents and creating PDFs. If you don’t have a scanner, there are apps that you can use to scan documents using your phone camera.

You may have to keep physical copies of certain legal documents. In such cases, it’s best to always talk with the person that issued these documents before digitising them and getting rid of the original document.

Cut down on print marketing, increase your digital marketing

Many forms of print marketing can now be replaced with digital marketing strategies. This can be a lot more economical and effective. For instance, rather than printing off newsletter and flyers to post through people’s doors, you’re much better off relying on email marketing. Similarly, social media marketing and PPC advertising could be a good replacement for posters and billboards.

You can hire a digital marketing agency to help you with these marketing strategies. Alternatively, you may feel confident DIYing them.

Receive your bills and statements online

Many banks, energy providers and insurers now encourage customers to receive bills online rather than sending out paper bills and statements. This could prevent you receiving as much paper mail in the post. To go paperless, simply contact your bank/provider and tell them you no longer want to receive paper bills/statements. If you haven’t already set up online banking or billing, this may be necessary first.

Use programs and apps to share rotas and timetables

There’s no need to print off rotas and timetables. You’re much better off sharing these documents using software like Asana or in group chat apps like WhatsApp. Such documents can then be accessible to everyone without the need for paper.

Start signing documents electronically

One obstacle that many people come across is having to sign documents. Fortunately, it’s now possible to sign documents digitally. There are apps that can allow you to collect signatures using a touchscreen device. A stylus could help to make these signature more accurate.

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