Is It Worth Bringing Retro Games To Modern Society?

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Everywhere you turn, technology slaps you in the face. In your very pocket – or hand – right now, is a smartphone. A smartphone can enable you to ask the internet any question that you need the answer to in the world. All those times your teachers told you that dictionaries and encyclopedias wouldn’t be readily available as you grew up? Thanks to technology, any information you want is right there. The other thing that technology allows us is entertainment. Whatever you want to do for fun, you can bet that technology makes it far easier!

Gaming has changed massively over the last forty years, from the Atari and Space Invaders at the arcades, to virtual reality headsets that make you feel like you’ve stepped inside the game that you’re playing. Old school card games and gambling moved into the digital space, with technology allowing us to access these games at any time of the day and night. The way that technology has transformed gaming isn’t finished just yet, either, as there continue to be innovations in the sector.

Gaming and technology make the perfect partnership, bringing people together through pinball machines for sale both of the virtual kind and the retro kind. Much of the older retro games on the large gaming machines have now moved online, so you can still access those old school games, but without the need for large and bulky machines to play on. Believe it or not, gaming is good for society, so when you add technology and the ability to communicate to games, you get a social and competitive space that is perfect for those on the go all the time. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of gaming on society.

Financial Boost

The joined forces of the internet and gaming have meant that most games are digital, which has boosted the revenue in the gaming sector massively. Did you know that the revenue has reached $43.8 trillion in 2018? That’s a massive jump by 17% from 2017, and it continues to grow!


Universities and colleges all over the world now offer courses in gaming. It’s such a vast industry that some of the best-paid jobs in the world surround game creation. E-Sports tournaments and gaming leagues online are more prolific now than ever, and gaming encompasses so many jobs that are now available.


Advances in technology mean that anyone from anywhere around the world can play games with people in different timezones if they so wish. There are millions of communities online dedicated to retro and vintage games, with master tournaments of Pinball and Space Invaders.

Gaming and technology together allow the vintage games from generations before us to be brought into the future with better rules, fancier technology and better means of communication.

Virtual games give you the chance to go back to the past while enjoying some superb graphics at the same time. Is it worth bringing older games into a modern tech space? Absolutely.

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