Is Technology Improving Road Safety?

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We use technology for a lot of things in life. There was once a time a teacher said to you that you didn’t need a calculator, because you wouldn’t always have one with you. And yet if you reach over to your smartphone and swipe up, bam – calculator!

New technology is being designed and developed every single day by those interested in innovation. We have smart homes, smart offices and even smart banks. We look on our smartphones at our negative bank balances and enjoy the irony of having no money while holding a piece of important tech. The new technologies being developed today promise to save or improve lives, and when it comes to road safety, these technologies are targeting the 50 million people who are injured every year on the roads across the world. Improvements happen within vehicle safety, with the development of driving apps and in-car connectivity, and this is the proof that technology is making a difference in the way that people drive on the road.

Accidents on the road aren’t just happening to cars, they’re happening to any vehicle that spends time on the road for a long period. While you can get some sage advice from William R. Rawlings & Associates motorcycle injury lawyer in the event of an accident that has happened to you, it’s good to understand how technology has changed to make your driving experience a far better one. Below, you’ll find some of the ways that technology is changing the way that we drive and how our roads are safer.

  1. Vehicle safety improvements go far beyond wearing a better seatbelt, but technology has upgraded to let people know when people aren’t wearing them. Airbags, child safety seats and stability control have all been improved with advances in technology. There are over half a million lives that are saved because of the upgrades in technology, and in the coming years there will be even more of those.
  2. Safety information is much improved due to data collection, and knowledge is power when it comes to road safety. Average driving speeds, drunk driving numbers, use of seat belts and even the age of drivers on the road are all considered in road safety statistics, and with this information, improvements can continue to be made.
  3. We are moving toward smart technology with driving, from parking control to driverless delivery vehicles. All these small technology steps are going to make a very big difference in the way that drivers are able to be on the road safely. Automated and shared cars could improve road safety massively, and this is something that will come in time.
  4. Apps are reducing distractions in the vehicle. You can lock out of your phone apps to prevent yourself from using them. Distracted driving accounts for over 10% of vehicular accidents, and there are apps that will pick up the fact that you are driving and ensure your alerts are silent to help.

Technology has infiltrated life as we know it, and if it’s going to improve our behaviours, why wouldn’t you indulge?

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