Is The Agricultural Industry Ruining The World?

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There are so many statistics to show that so many different parts of the world are being ruined by so many different industries. But it’s not fair to point the blame to one specific industry, the world as a whole and us humans who live in it are the ones that are causing all of the damage. We have built this world up so that we rely on all of the businesses to come through and provide us with everything that we need to go about our daily lives. It’s not the same as it once used to be. When businesses and factories were first being established there was an awful amount of pollution and nastiness being thrown into the air. It wasn’t until recently that we discovered how the fumes being plummeted into the air are damaging our world, and just how much our world is damaged. All you have to do is look at the natural occurrences such as storms, fires, and floods that are happening around the world to understand how much it’s changing. So what we want to explore is if the agricultural world that we rely so much on is ruining our world. Let’s explore.

Land Maintenance

The problem with agricultural businesses is that they’re operating in a way that they have to use all of the resources of the land to get the final product. For some farmers this is completely fine. They might use companies such as Microbial Insights, Inc. to test the quality of the soil to ensure that there are no negative interactions that will affect plant and earth growth, and they will generally protect the land they’re living on. Their fields stay a field and they get the finished products that customers need, they create a problem further on down the line. It’s the companies who are paying agricultural businesses to clear big areas of natural beauty so that they can be used to build towns, or train tracks, or whatever else it is that the big corporations of the world wish for. It’s these that are ruining the world by tarnishing some of the lands that we once used to be able to live on.

Equipment & Warehousing

Equipment and warehousing is definitely a big problem for the world. One of the things we’re far more aware of now is how many gases that equipment such as tractors and the warehouse pump out. However, the world is now seeking greener solutions, as are some agricultural businesses. Tractors are now letting out fewer emissions than ever before, and the way that warehouses are run is more natural, rather than it being a massive operation. For example, free-range living is far more viable for farmers because that’s what the population wants. We no longer like to know that chickens and cows have been cooped up, cramped on top of each other, waiting to go to whatever the next stage is.


There are activists who are standing their ground around the world to make sure that we’re more econimical and businesses are focusing on the ways that they might be affecting the world. If you feel strongly about climate change and how businesses might be influencing one, you might love to join a group!

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