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Employee engagement can mean many things, but most companies define it as the commitment employees have to aid the organization in reaching its goals. Let’s face it, many people go to work for the sake of a paycheck. IBM research shows that 40% of staff members quit their job because they are unhappy. But with employee engagement, you can increase their emotional involvement, motivating them to work on behalf of the company’s mission and goal. Here are some of them:

  1. Game Tournament

How else can you keep your staff members engaged other than hosting a game tournament? This requires working together as a team, resulting in cooperation, a stronger bond, and better relationships at the workplace.

You may try hosting a basketball league for guys, and a volleyball competition for girls. Badminton and marathon are good choices, too. That improves their physical condition and also their confidence and sense of belonging. Many studies have shown sport to improve overall well-being.

You could also have personalized scarves made to represent each team. Then give away prizes by the end of the tournament. Remember that it needs not to be expensive. As long as everyone cooperates and enjoys, that’s all that matters.

  1. Parties

Halloween is coming. Why not arrange a Halloween event at your workplace? A costume parade sounds like an exciting idea! Just encourage your employees to wear their spookiest costume, and the one with the most votes for best Halloween costume wins!

Of course, the annual workplace party won’t be complete without a Thanksgiving celebration! This reminds everyone that we have managed to survive despite the tough time brought about by the pandemic! Start by decorating the walls with unique cards. Then later, you and your staff members can share the delicious dishes you prepare.

  1. Lunch and Learn

Just as the name implies, you learn at lunch. It can be considered as a training session or informal meeting with free food, arranged by employers. In this program, you encourage everyone to share their thoughts, ideas, and experiences. Thus, promoting learning and brainstorming. This can go a long way. By bringing your people together, you can drive business development, and be recognized for promoting work-life balance.

Remember to keep the ambiance simple and light. You don’t want it to look like a formal meeting or something. Ensure that everyone participates, and no one is left out. Make it short, too. A very long session can be boring.

  1. Charity Time

This couldn’t be a perfect time to raise a fund for charity.Millions of people worldwide have been affected by the pandemic. And you can encourage your team to make a difference. It’s always a good idea to work together for a common cause.

Your company can donate food, clothes, and slippers. Masks and hand sanitizers are recommended to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Then arrange how you are going to pack the goods. You may choose an institution where you can donate or go out there in the streets during free time and give them away to the homeless. Charity time encourages teamwork, kindness, and compassion.

  1. Team Building

This involves going out of town for recreational activities. In choosing a venue, go for the one with a different environment and away from the noise of the city, where employees can relax while having fun together.

Then after lunch and a sports event in the afternoon, you can sit by the firewood, and play ice breaks. Through this, you can get to know each other more, bringing everyone closer.

But this can be costly. You may need to rent a minivan or bus, and book accommodation for overnight stay. You know, a half a day team building isn’t enough.

  1. Special Days

Collaborate with HR on how you can spice up the ordinary days in the office. The fact is, working for consecutive days in a week can be tedious. This special day will give your employees something to look forward to. The People Magazine featured a “Take Your Dog to Work Day.” Not bad, right? There’s a lot of pet lovers out there.

Maybe you can arrange something similar such as dog and cat events in the office. This allows your employees to bring their pets together. And having pets around can reduce stress and anxiety. Pajama and jersey days sound like wonderful ideas, too! It can be anything. Just get creative to come up with brilliant ideas.

Employee engagement activities are simple ways to show employees that you care for them. It supports work-life balance, promoting overall wellness and increasing business success rate.

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