LA Traffic Cop Holds Record Number of Complaints (In a Good way)

Over the past few month’s, I’ve written about quite a few Police officers doing some not so honourable things, like shooting a mentally ill man because he was standing still, senselessly subjecting a man to 14 hours of invasive tests in the quest to find drugs in his anal cavity (there were no drugs), tasing a man for 42 seconds, and various other stories.

I’ve got another Police story, but instead of being another negative one, it’s actually a positive story, proving there are still good cops out there.

Elton Simmons is a deputy sheriff in Los Angeles that holds a record number of complaints, as said in the title. How many complaints have been filed against him you might ask? None to be exact. Over his past 20 years, there have been none.  According to CBS, Simmons is a fair bit different from most. They followed Simmons around for a day, finding that he still seems to put smiles on people’s faces, while giving them tickets. They found that he doesn’t have the attitude that sometimes comes with police officers. Simmons was doing his job, without all the attitude, such as the “I’m better than you” attitude.

Below is the video, which I found  to be a nice change. Finally some good Police news. Like I said, it shows that there are still good cops out there. 20 years of doing it, and no complaints on him. That’s pretty good in my opinion. A cop doing his job, without trying to be better than you. That’s the way it should be.

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