Let Technology Shape The Future Of Your Marketing


Make no mistake. Technology has always had a huge hand in how marketing works, more than any other aspect of business. From the printing press to the internet. If it increases the methods we communicate, it increases the methods we advertise. That’s why it’s time to start taking advantage of the tech of today to create the legendary marketing campaigns of tomorrow.

Marketing is getting more social already

Using social media in marketing is nothing new by now. It’s been happening for years. But there’s a difference between using social media and getting truly social with your customers. Nowadays, personal interaction with the individual is easier than ever. Whether it’s getting them entered into competitions or simply taking the time to reply to them, even adding a little humor to it. The key is to talk to your audience, not at them. A lot of businesses are falling behind because they’re just delivering the same content over different channels. They’re not adapting to the reactions and input from specific audiences.

It’s time to update the site

Just as it’s no longer enough to have social media accounts, it’s no longer enough to have just a website. Your website now needs to be an essential arm of the social and marketing aspect of your business. It needs to be responsive to the increasing use of mobile devices. It needs to use landing pages in conjunction with other web marketing to create relevant paths for visitors. It’s a good idea to get used to the idea of using it to host content that creates value for your customers, too. Nowadays, your site has to truly fight to keep the attention of its visitors.



Get better footage

Video marketing has always been a tricky prospect for smaller businesses. Too often they use amateur screen presences and shots that just look bad. But now it’s getting easier to take better footage even for those who are decidedly not pros. For one, drone photography and gyroscopic cameras make it easier than ever to capture jaw-dropping footage of your premises or locations. With new tech like the DJI Phantom for sale and plenty of tutorials and classes on how to use them, it’s easier to operate and much more cost effective, too.

Getting mobile

Using mobile technology to your advantage doesn’t end by making your site responsive to mobile devices. For one, you should consider creating an app for mobiles especially if your business is in ecommerce. Otherwise, it can be useful for things like getting in content or seeking support. Or even getting invoices and pricing. But the power of marketing on mobile has been increased exponentially by in-app advertisements. By connecting with apps from those relevant to your business, you can make sure the people most likely to be interested in your brand have yet another opportunity to discover it.

From offering new perspectives to even the smallest of businesses to finding new ways to catch your audience’s attention, tech matters. If your current marketing isn’t going hand-in-hand with the tech currently available, it will never reach its full potential. It’s time to step out of the stone age and into a whole world of digital possibility.

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