Let’s Rank the NFL’s Playoff QBs for 2020

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Every single player who is in the NFL right now looks to have something to prove. It doesn’t matter whether it is Tom Brady, who is a six-time winner of the Superbowl or whether it’s Lamar Jackson, who is a probable MVP. Either way, a championship win would certainly silence the critics as 7 of the QBs in the playoffs this year have not actually won a playoff game. Let’s take a look at them here:

Jimmy Garoppolo

San Francisco hold their QBs to a very high standard, especially when the playoffs come along. The 49ers have been the first seed quite a few times and they also managed to win the Super Bowl with Joe Montana multiple times too. In 1987-1988 they lost to Minnesota in the divisional round and this is still talked about to this day. The other bye-week QBS actually have MVP credentials, if Jackson is able to come away with the award. Garoppolo can prove that he truly does belong with the big boys if he is able to come away with a win and he will also be able to solidify his presence among some of the other QBs in the industry. Aldon Smith was once a key player for the team but he was released in August as he had multiple brushes with the law regarding gun use. If you want to find out more about gun regulations, check out these red flag laws.

Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins is in the second year of his infamous three-year deal, but he has not won the NFL North or even a playoff game as of yet. Case Keenum did manage to accomplish this in the year 2017 and right now it would seem that the Vikings are stuck on the road. They are 8-point underdogs and they are fighting against the Saints. This is actually the biggest spread when you look at the wild card weekend. Of course, people aren’t under the illusion that Kirk Cousins is going to be able to lead them to the Super Bowl, but if the Vikings do get absolutely blown out of the water then a lot of people might have some questions that need to be answered. Will things change when he comes to the final year of his deal? Who knows, but right now, it looks like more needs to be done in order to make this team into the superstars fans know they can be.

Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz is making his very first start in the playoffs and right now he is in the shadow of the previous playoff runs that came about as the result of Nick Foles. When you look at the 12 QBs in the playoffs, you will soon see that Wentz was the highest draft pick out of them all. Looking at his career, he was 32-24 when he started but there have been some mixed results this season. A victory in the playoffs would certainly give them the push they need, and it may even be that they end up going down in history. The problem is that they are going to be up against the Seahawks, and they are well and truly seasoned when it comes to the game. Carson Wentz is only 27 but he has a lot to prove in this game.

Deshaun Watson

Watson was able to lead the Texans into the AFC south for the second season in a row. His numbers are identical to the season before, but in the first round against Buffalo, he was given the chance to erase the burn that happened last year. The team ended up losing in the wild card game against the Colts with a rematch against Baltimore’s own Lamar Jackson. This would end up continuing a spectacular college rivalry. The Ravens came away with a win during the matchup in the regular season and the total ended up being 41-7. Will the Texans be able to rise up to this kind of level with Watson at the helm?

Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers really does need to secure a second ring if he wants to have any chance of silencing the critics. Green Bay have managed to finish the season 13-3 this season and they also have a first-round bye as well. They are likely to go up against the Seahawks or the Saints. Rodgers has a 95.4 QB rating under Matt LaFleur but at the end of the day, he is 36 right now so it’s interesting to see how many more opportunities like this he is going to have left.

Ryan Tannehill

Ryan Tannehill is going to become an unrestricted free agent when the next season hits so it’s safe to say that he needs to prove himself. He needs to show that he is able to become a franchise player, and this has been his quest for quite some time. He’s been with three different teams in eight seasons, but he did do really well in the second half of the season for the Titans. He threw 2+ touchdowns in 9 out of the last 10 games and he’s a driving force behind the offense. Tennessee are a 5.5 point underdog when compared to the Patriots but it will be interesting to see whether or not Tannehill could be the one to bring the champions down.

Patrick Mahomes

Last year’s Most Valuable Player happened to lead the Chiefs to the AFC championship game. This was during his first-ever playoff run. They are going to be expected to close the deal this time around because they have the bye week after finishing the season with a 6-game win streak. Mahomes is certainly healthy but when you look at the numbers, you will soon find that they were not off the charts. It looks like the Chiefs are finding ways to win without having to rely so much on their QB. New England are probably going to visit the Arrowhead Stadium in around two weeks and a loss there would certainly be quite damning for Andy Reid. The hype around the one and only Patrick Mahomes might be dialled back a touch too.

Lamar Jackson

It’s been mentioned that Lamar Jackson could well come out with the MVP award because when you look at how he has performed, you will soon see that he has taken the league by storm. He managed to pass for well over 3,127 yards and he managed 36 touchdowns as well. After an unbelievable year, and with them having a home-field advantage, it’s going to be interesting to see if he’s going to be able to do even better with the home-field advantage. He now has the chance to show how much he has learnt since the wild-card loss last year. Sure, there is always some degree of pressure when it comes to the Super Bowl and Jackson is easily capable of securing the first playoff win. That being said there is more pressure on Jackson to become the next QB superstar.

Josh Allen

Allen was coincidently in the same draft class as Jackson. He has been able to get the Bills back into the playoffs for the second time in his three years with the team. He has certainly shown that he is meant to be in the NFL as he managed to secure a 15-12 record. The Bills haven’t won any kind of playoff game since the year 1995 and when you look at sporting history, you will also see that they don’t cope well under pressure.

Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson is in his first year out of a four-year contract. He’s managed to secure a $140 million deal and he’s in charge of leading the Seahawks to another Superbowl. It won’t be easy for them to get out of the wild card but if they are able to come out with a win against Philadelphia then this could mean that they end up going with a matchup against the 49ers. Seattle have not been able to get to the NFC game since the 2015 Super Bowl. This saw them end up at the goal line against the Patriots. Is Wilson able to get another shot now Marshawn Lynch has come back?

Drew Brees

Drew Brees is going to see his contract end when the season is over and he’s also going to be turning 41 shortly as well. The Saints have endured back to back losses in the last two seasons. Brees has a long NFL record as well, but that being said, he has been snubbed out of the NFL 100 team as well.

Tom Brady

Brady has nothing left to prove. He’s 30-10 in the postseason and this is well and truly incredible. He has also gone on to win six Super Bowls as well. If he does decide to move on from the Pats, or if the Pats decide to move on from him then there is no doubt that he will end up somewhere else. That being said, the team haven’t done great in the last few games and this could be a sign that Brady’s time in the NFL is coming to an end.

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