Let’s Talk About Addiction: It Can Affect Anyone

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We’ve come a long way in a lot of areas of physical and psychological issues over the past one hundred years, but in some areas, we’re still more or less stuck in the middle ages. Addiction is one of these matters. We tend to blame the user of drugs, when much of the most recent research into addiction shows that, while there are many factors that go into making a person addicted, a person’s will isn’t one of them. It’s also true that most of the public is confused as to what the average drug addict looks like; they think it’s a person living under a bridge, a thief who steals to get their next fix. In fact, this is not the case. It can affect anyone. Below, we take a look at some areas of society where drugs hit hard, to show just how wide-ranging the ‘drug-taking persona’ can stretch.

Successful Business People

We tend to think of successful business people as being well-put together, in control, and all around high-flying machines. But actually, studies have shown that there are plenty of high rankers who also abuse drugs. Researchers think it’s a combination of stress, spending long periods away from their loved ones, and – in some cases – a sense of invincibility (and thus looking for the next buzz). They also happen to be in senior positions, and therefore in charge, and thus immune from the threat of being fired due to drug use.

The Armed Forces

People who have served in the armed forces often have problems adapting to everyday life once they return to civilized life. Alas, when they seek treatment, they’re usually plunged into drug addiction, a far greater problem than the one they were facing. This is because some doctors are all too quick to prescribe opioids, which are very powerful and addictive. They didn’t want to become addicted, but they trusted their doctor, and that’s where they ended up. Fortunately, people who find themselves in this position can contact a veteran’s opioid lawyer, and fight for justice. In many cases, the companies who pushed these drugs knew how addictive they were, but did nothing to prevent users from becoming addicted.

An Accident

It’s not just people in the armed forces who were given hard drugs to get over problems that should have been treated with different methods. Millions of Americans were too. There are people who went in for a routine operation or treatment for an injury, and came away with heavy drugs that they couldn’t later give up. Indeed, the issue is so widespread that many people are saying that there’s an epidemic in America that has to be confronted.

The Famous

An insight into why people take drugs might be found in the famous, who are often cut off from the general public, and instead live in their own bubble. As Johan Harri says, the opposite of addiction isn’t sobriety; it’s connection. People need a support network; if they don’t, they can easily fall into drug use.

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