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What New Do You Have With LG G6 – A Brief Review

LG is all set to launch the succeeder of LG G5 which and this article brings to you everything that you need to learn about the same. You are only 6 months away from the launch of LG G6, which is a clear indication that the designing of the phone is almost done. Though details are yet to be completely revealed but some guess work has been done from reports obtained from sources. Rumors state that LG G6 will be including specifications such as OS Google Android 7.4 Nougat, wireless charging and QUALCOMM Snapdragon 830 chip.

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Expected release date of LG G6 Smartphone

Samsung has been reviewed as the biggest competitor of LG and the former too is all set to launch its Galaxy Note 8 in ahead of this year which has created a lot of pressure upon LG to meet up this competition. Well it is the release date which you are looking for but valid information about the same is still under the ground. However it is not too difficult to make a guess keeping into concern the release dates of other models in the LG G series. Here is the list of the release dates of the previous models in UK:

  • LG G2- Released on September 12- announced on August 7

  • LG G3- Released on June 27- announced on May 27

  • LG G4-Released on May 28, announced on April 28

  • LG G5-Released on April 8, announced on February 21

Well though it is clear that LG has no specific time for the launch of its smartphones, but taking into concern the launch date of LG G5, it is expected to be something similar for LG G6 too. Unfortunately, the actual date of release cannot be ascertained simply by guess work.

Specifications and Price in details

Coming to the most important segment, the specifications or features you are going to enjoy with LG G 6. It is believed that in term of features, you are going to benefit a lot from the G6 phone.

>Screen Size and Design

The flagship phone from the house of LG, LG G5 came into market with a screen size of 5.3 inch. If you take into concern the screen size of most phones launched in the previous year, you will find that most come with the screen size measuring between 5 to 5.5 inches from one corner to the other and LG phones also lived up to this measurement. Again as the LG G5 used 1440p QHD display, it is most likely that the LG G6 phone will go for the 4K display. This can be due to the company’s desire of improving the screen performance of the mobile phone.

Talking of the design, that of LG G5 become a part of the controversy that it’s aluminum built body felt somewhat like plastic. Well, despite of being built from metal, it did feature a plastic paint layer that gave birth to all such confusion. Though it isn’t that LG G6 too will restore to the similar design, but its rear will be made from metallic material that is highly reflective. Again some rumors have popped up stating that the phone is not going to feature curved screen as well as is not going to feature glass cover or metal body due to cost hindrances. These supply chain issues clearly indicate that LG is undergoing through the redesigning of the phone.

RAM and Processor

Taking into concern the LG G5 phone that featured QUALCOMM’s snapdragon 820 SOC or system on chip, 32 GB storage and 4GB RAM, it is believed that G6 is going to feature QUALCOMM’s snapdragon 830 SoC. It is strongly believed that the same will be manufactured using the 10nm efficient manufacturing process and will lead to both performance and power improvement. It can also feature the USB type charging cord, 4GB RAM and 32GB storage.

>Camera configurations

LG G5 was a unique one in the market featuring the dual camera configuration at the rear. While one of these Rear facing cam was a 16mp shooter, another was a 8mp shooter. The photographic performance of LG G5 is worth applauding but something better is expected from LG G6. However rumors about the camera specifications hitched to LG G6 are yet to be announced.

>Battery life

LG G5 came with a 2,800 mAh battery, which though isn’t that great but it isn’t that bad either. However for a phone like LG G6 which is supposed to come with OS Android 7.0 Nougat and Snapdragon 830, it is expected that LG G6 with come with a great battery life. In case the company make a leap by getting the phone a 4K display without taking any note of increasing the cell size, them the battery can easily drain. Again the phone is likely to feature wireless charging as the company announced the launch of Quick Wireless charging Pad in October 2016. As per LG, this wireless charging can easily charge smartphone battery that is completely empty to 50% within 30 minutes or less.


Last but not the least, it is the price that matters the most. However till date again there isn’t any talk about the expected price of LG G6 phone in the mobile market. However taking into concern the price of the previous models in the LG G series, it is expected that G6 would pinch the pocket with somewhat around £500.

Should one wait to go for LG G6?

As because there is no declaration yet about the expected launch date of LG G6, it is difficult to say whether one should wait for the phone or go with any other model. However, if you are a LG Fan or crazy about android phone, then it is worth waiting for LG G6.

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