Life For The Elderly Is Worse Than You Know

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It’s not easy being old in this world and if you don’t believe that just think about what the elderly have to go through on a daily basis. Remember, once you reach a certain age, you won’t be living on a permanent income. Instead, you will be dependent on your pension and whatever you managed to save in the run up to retirement. Of course, as we’re about to discover, that’s just the top of the iceberg for issues that the elderly could be facing.

Greater Health Risks

Unfortunately, despite advances in medicine people who are over sixty are more susceptible to disease and illness. It doesn’t look like that’s going to change anytime soon either. What does this mean? Well, it’s particularly problematic through the winter months when the temperature starts to drop, and these illnesses become more common. When you’re young, you can fight off things like the flu, but as you get old, your immune system grows weaker. At that point, a common cold can develop into something as severe as pneumonia. There’s another problem too because these illnesses will be more common in homes that are cold and elderly people often don’t have the money to keep their thermostat on high through the winter months.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, there’s trouble with physical health as well. When you’re young, you can run up and down stairs with ease. As you get older, walking up stairs can seem like a hike. And, if you do fall, you can expect an extended stay in the hospital because your body takes longer to heal.

Loss Of Independence

Of course, an extended stay in the hospital can lead to a complete loss of independence. Instead of going back home, you could end up in a nursing home. You might think this could be the best thing for an elderly person because it gives them the support and the safety they need. But don’t be too sure. There have been many cases where patients in nursing homes have been abused and mistreated. There are various signs of nursing home abuse such as malnourishment and bruising. Unfortunately many are missed, and the elderly are too vulnerable to speak up for themselves. So, a loss of independence could lead to a terrible quality of life.

The Solution?

Right now there is a drug in testing phases that could change ageing forever, keeping cells biologically young. When that drug is released on the market issues like this might be problems of the past. But right now we still have to deal with them. The best way of doing this is to make sure that the elderly are getting the support they deserve. We need to be doing more to keep them safe and ensure that they do have a good life all the way through their twilight years. It is worth getting involved with making changes to the way the elderly are treated because one day, it’s going to be you. Change things now, and by the time you retire, you could have a far better life than you parents and grandparents ever did.


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