The Major Reasons Cops Pull Motorists


It might never happen to you, but it is easier to get pulled over than you think. In 2011, almost 27 million US residents confessed they came into contact with the police because of a driving incident. As a percentage of the driving population that’s 12%, which is high. Anyone could be next, and that isn’t a nice thought because traffic stops don’t always go to plan. Thankfully, you can stay out of the police’s way by avoiding the following.

Drinking & Driving

Drinking and driving are more commonly known as driving under the influence or a DUI. In the US, it is the most widespread reason the police flash their lights as 1,500,000 people are charged with a DUI every year. And, the punishments can be severe, ranging from a caution or a ticket to a hefty fine and even imprisonment. To stay clear of a jail cell, all you have to do is stay away from the liquor. It isn’t illegal to drink and drive all the time – it depends on your blood/alcohol content – but it is stupid. There is no way to know when you have had too much, so there is no point in drinking in the first place.

Using Cell Phone

In the past, using a cell phone wasn’t illegal. In fact, it was widespread as everyone was texting or calling when they were behind the wheel. Nowadays, it’s outlawed because studies show it inhibits a person’s ability to drive. The results indicate you are less likely to focus on the road if you are playing with your phone. And, the chances of a crash are higher because it is hard to drive and multitask. If you don’t want to leave your phone at home, make sure you have a handsfree set. Then, you can talk while you are driving until your heart’s content.


Car Accident

For obvious reasons, they aren’t going to let an accident slide. The police need to secure the scene, make sure both parties are okay and weren’t doing anything untoward, and sign it off. So, if you do have an accident and the police are around, they will stop you before long. In fact, most people contact them straight away, so there is no confusion. Even if the incident is over the police might still have an issue. Car accident lawyers say that the effects of a previous crash are also enough for an officer to pull the vehicle over. Why? If the damage is significant, they will want to make sure it’s safe to drive.


Not many people stick to the speed limit, which is okay if it’s only a few extra miles an hour. However, if you’re doing 70mph in a 50mph zone, they won’t let it pass. Drivers that drive at this speed are a danger to the community because they can crash into other cars and even pedestrians. A fine tends to be the usual punishment, yet stricter penalties are applicable. When you feel the throttle moving, put your foot on the brake.

Now you know the reasons, you can do your best to avoid them.


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