Make Gaming Your Next Office Perk

Revamp your break room

Video games are gained in popularity since Nintendo first launched a family-friendly console, Wii. The Wii has revolutionized the way generations get together and made digital entertainment a joy to be shared within a community. As a result, public opinion about video games has changed dramatically. While there are still individuals who worry about the negative influence of games on children, the vast majority agrees that gaming can be a beneficial experience if done correctly.

Indeed, video games can not only help players to develop their creative thinking and pressure resilience, but it also can actively reduce stress. Managing stress is a challenge for everyone, and especially in businesses, where stress can become the number one killer. Therefore, introducing video games within the workplace could be an effective strategy to not only reduce stress but also to boost the overall business mood and culture.

Nothing says fun like a diverse break room

Every business needs a break room where the employees can relax and recharge their batteries. The decor and design of your break room play a significant role. Indeed, you need a space that feels welcoming, but that is also suitable for everyone. While some employees might prefer to sit down with a cup of freshly brewed coffee for a quick chat between co-workers, others prefer a playful activity to disconnect from work for a few minutes. Bringing arcade machines into for break room offers not only a touch of variety, but it also gives solitary personalities the opportunity to relax. Enjoying a game is unlikely to last more than a handful of minutes, which means that your team will be back at their desks in no time. Unlike console games, which can be involving, arcade games offer the perfect balance of speed and fun for relaxing.

Establish your work community

Remote teams can be tricky to run. When everybody sits alone in a home office, building a feeling of community and togetherness is your priority. Remote management tools can help to bring virtual workers together through real-time task sharing and scheduling. But, remote teams lack the friendly and casual banter of offices. In short, they can struggle to create a bond when their most frequent interlocutor is only a dot on the screen. A community platform such as a gaming environment –from 4rsgold to Minecraft – that creates a sense of unity outside of work can help to establish a sense of togetherness. Games bring people together.

Create a private world for your team

Turn a hobby into a charity event

Gaming is not only beneficial for players, but it can do a lot of good if you make it part of your charity activities. Indeed, gaming for fundraising is an untapped market in the charity sector. Professional gamers have readily given up their time to raise money. But amateur players can also join a fundraising event and offer live streaming for a cause. Why not throw a 24-hour gaming challenge to be streamed in real time? You can also get in touch with gaming influencers to encourage donations and ask for tips.

The role of gaming in the business is changing. It can be used not only as a tool for engagement but also as a stress management solution and even a PR-worthy charity sponsor activity. There’s only one question left to ask: What are you waiting for to purchase your first business game?

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