Making Money By Monetizing Your Motorcycle

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The thing with money is that no matter how much of it we have, it’s never quite enough. Even as we command better salaries and progress in our careers our spending seems to rise in direct proportion to our income. Moreover, with the cost of living steadily rising our wages never quite rise to meet it. We live in an era of corporate wage repression with an economy that deliberately conspires to keep our wages down for the sake of insulating the profit margins of huge multinational corporations. In this climate, is it any wonder that more and more people are choosing to devote their free time to managing side hustles alongside their full time jobs to help tip the balance a little more in their favor. If you’ve found yourself feeling the pinch in this capricious economy and worry that the next financial crisis may be just around the corner, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that there’s a way in which you can make a little extra money using one of your most prized possessions… Your motorcycle.

The gig economy and you

If you’ve ever ordered an Uber, had food delivered to you by GrubHub, rented an AirBnB or accepted a delivery from Postmates you’ve come into direct contact with the gig economy. Opinion on the gig economy is divided both among analysts and those who work within it. Some workers in the gig economy, especially those who offer white collar services like freelance graphic designers, copywriters or virtual receptionists, extol its virtues. They say that it offers them freedom while empowering them to take their careers and their livelihoods into their own hands.

But the gig economy has a dark side too, and if you’re considering going into it, even on a part time basis, you should do so with your eyes wide open. Many working in the gig economy find themselves working long hours in order to make a reasonable income, often on top of a full time job. Lots of workers in the gig economy feel that their platforms and employers treat them unfairly or pay them disproportionately to their efforts. Some wind up pushing themselves to the brink of exhaustion, and we all know that work and fatigue don’t mix, especially on the road. If you’re to start making money from your bike on the road, whether as a side hustle or a full time gig, it’s vital that you make time to rest, stay well fed (proper food with actual nutrients, not high fat, high sugar, high salt, low nutrition convenience food) and stay hydrated. Failing to do these things could hasten the onset of driver fatigue and undermine your ability to perceive hazards. If you’re sideswiped by a truck your family could find themselves dealing with motorcycle death lawsuits because you didn’t take proper precautions. Road safety aside, you’ll have to conduct yourself with absolute professionalism, and manage your time effectively. If you can master this tricky balancing act, however, you and your bike could be on the way to a lucrative partnership doing any of the following…


Uber business model wasn’t the first to pioneer the sharing of resources, but it’s safe to say that it’s revolutionized the way we use taxis. Seeing this model’s success, many other companies have gotten in on the act, using self employed owner drivers to deliver food and goods to the consumer. If you are just starting out or have limited time available, delivering goods on your bike could be a lucrative way to make a little extra money. If you’re safe, responsible yet fast and time efficient, good with people and personable, you can find yourself making surprisingly good money, especially with tips. If the idea of working in a cramped office is anathema to you and you yearn for the freedom of the open road, you’ll find it a far more tranquil working environment as you dash through the city on your trusty steed delivering food and goods to the masses. There are also a great many platforms that you can try. If you don’t find success with one, there are lots of others to choose from with UberEats, Doordash, Lyft and Instacart are always looking for new riders.


If, however, you have more time and capital to invest in your enterprise and want to play the long game, you may find motovlogging a lucrative and rewarding pursuit. If you’ve long yearned to be a TV presenter and want to use visual media not only to show off your mechanical knowledge but to share some of the gorgeous locations through which you skillfully maneuver your trusty steed, motovlogging could be the career you never knew you always dreamed of.

It may take a while to establish yourself, and the field of motovlogging is getting increasingly competitive; yet its a niche that shows enormous demand with a wide range of people tuning into motovloggers on YouTube to fulfil various niches. Some are looking for motorbike recommendations, others to see stunts, yet more because they’re engaged with the personality of the motovloggers themselves. Check out some of the most popular motovlogs and ask yourself how you can bring your own personal style to the medium or occupy a niche that has until now been overlooked. It may take you a while to build a following and it may require some initial outlay to get all the gear you need but it can quickly become a lucrative enterprise, especially if you use your vlog and / or website as a platform for corporate sponsorship or affiliate marketing.

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Become a motorcycle instructor

Are you sick of seeing other risers out there on the road who give motorcyclists a bad name? Do you wish that other motorcyclists would treat their vehicles with the proper respect and even reverence that they deserve? Do you routinely despair for all the guys and girls you see set off on their bikes without their leathers? Do you fear for some riders who seem determined to injure themselves and other road users? Why not take up the opportunity to influence an entire generation of motorcyclists by becoming a motorcycle instructor? Everything you need to know about pursuing this potentially lucrative career can be found right here.

So, why not let your obsession bring you a respectable income and a rewarding career?

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