Maximizing Your Chances: 5 Common Mistakes in Erisa Disability Benefits Applications

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Employee Retirement Income Security Act, or ERISA, occurs when a person can no longer work due to a disability. This specific program is provided by an insurance plan and requires a somewhat intensive application to be approved. Since the process can be long and confusing, many people make novice mistakes which prevent them from getting the compensation they deserve.

There are several ways to avoid being rejected for petty reasons, and most involve research and planning ahead. Here are five common mistakes that individuals make when applying for ERISA, and how you can avoid them.

1.    Not Enough Proof

It’s easy to rely on your company’s documentation, or proof of evidence is enough to secure ERISA insurance. While your employer may have your best interests at heart, it is wise to bring additional proof to the table. This involves a trusted professional’s opinion on your ability to work. Relying on your company only may hold you back from receiving the compensation you deserve.

2.    Only Relying on the Insurance Company

In conjunction with the above advice, you can only rely on the information your insurance company provides you. As mentioned, a professional, such as a doctor, should be the one to prove your disability. This involves more than just stating their opinion. In fact, your doctor should fill out a detailed comprehensive list that outlines the specifiers surrounding your disability.

3.    Not Listening to Your Doctor

Much like a personal injury case, if you don’t follow your practitioner’s advice, the insurance company is going to assume that you aren’t really in pain. If your doctor is providing you with a set routine and advice, listen to it. This will make sure that your tracks are cleared, and you are behaving in accordance with doctors’ orders. This will skyrocket your chances of being approved.

4.    Using an Inexperienced Lawyer

A lawyer is trained to have your back, and deliver the best legal advice possible. When it comes to filling out insurance information, it is wise to hire a lawyer who is skilled in this area of law. Not to mention, each state has their own specific ERISA regulations. Make sure the lawyer you hire is knowledgeable in your specific area for your unique situation, like those at This will ensure that you are receiving the correct advice and increase your chances of approval.

5. Using Insurance Provided Lawyers

Much like the dilemma with hiring an inexperienced lawyer, using the ones provided by your insurance company is not recommended. While they have experience working in the insurance space, they will not try to get you the settlement you need. Since many insurance companies try to keep as much money as possible, they won’t provide you with the best quality.

Avoiding these mistakes is essential if you want to get the best results from your ERISA disability benefit application. With the right lawyers, medical doctors, and proper preparation, you can get the benefits you need from ERISA.

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