Mexican Cargo Train to increase speed to reduce number of stowaways

article-2401824-1B757798000005DC-806_634x380Central Americans who use a Mexican cargo train know as “La Bestia” or The Beast to get into America illegally will find it harder after the company that operates the train announced it will increase the speed the train travels in areas where people attempt to jump aboard in hopes of finding a better life in America.

Currently, in areas where people attempt to jump aboard the train, it travels at 6 miles per hour. The change will see the train traveling at 18 miles per hour, in the hopes that fewer people will board the train in those areas.

The higher speed may prevent people from jumping aboard the cargo train, but it could also result in more deaths and injuries resulting from those who still attempt to board the train, despite its higher speed.

Is increasing the speed really the best solution to the problem of illegal immigration into the United States? Illegal immigration is a problem for the United States, and a problem for the Mexican company which operates the train that some use to get into America, but increasing the speed of the train seems more like a quick fix to a small part of the problem.

Although the migrants on the train come from different parts of central america, for example, lets take a look at why Mexicans make the move to the United States in the first place. By answering that question, we can not only better understand why Mexicans make the move, even with all the risks involved, but why other central Americans make the move, because, I’d imagine the thought process behind it is very similar for most migrants making the move from other central American nations. According to Pew Research, the reason Mexicans move to the US, legally or illegally, comes down to how more than half of Mexicans feel about their country. Most Mexicans see life as being better in the United States. Mexico is plagued with many national issues, such as crime, drugs and corruption. The violence stemming from the drug trade in Mexico is also another major issue for the nation. 6/10 see life being better for Mexicans in the US. That works out to 57%.

Increasing the speed of a train is going to make it more difficult, and some will probably die trying to jump aboard that train. Its a short term solution, that in the long term, probably won’t make that much of a difference.

With the issues that Mexico, and other parts of central America face, people are determined to find a better life. A faster train may kill a few, and make others think twice, but eventually, they will find other ways into the United States. Determination can go a long ways.

In 2010, it was estimated that 11.2 million illegals were living in the United States. That’s a drop from 2007, when there were 12 million illegals living in the US. In 2010, 8 million of those 11 million illegals were part of the workforce in the US.

Crime reduction could go a long ways to improving Central America, along with less corruption, and good government. Its a lot of work that will take many years, but that type of work could actually reduce the numbers of people who decide to make the trip to the United States to start a new life illegally. Increasing the speed of a train will provide a short term fix to a long term problem. People will find a way.

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