Miles Over Merit: Are We All Getting Worse At Driving?

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It’s very easy as a driver to play the blame game. Everybody else on the road are idiots, don’t look where they’re going, and look at that one, he’s on his phone! But we feel protected when we are behind the wheel of our metal box with 4 wheels, but we don’t start to think about our own fallibilities as drivers until we cause an accident. But in playing the blame game, is it really the other people’s fault, or is it us? Are we getting worse as drivers?

Congestion Vs Competence

It’s a fact; there are more cars on the road now than ever before. As a result, we need to learn how to keep up, and we need to do this fast. This could be a very rude awakening for new drivers have just passed their test; on the other hand, there are more stringent methods of testing drivers now. So it could be argued that there are more skilled drivers on the road than there are idiots. However, there are always incidents where there has been someone who has been completely negligent on the road, and these tend to be the young boy racer types. But why are these types of drivers so negligent?

Distraction Vs Driver Focus

One of the main factors of negligent driving is that there are more distractions now, especially inside the vehicle. And while we’re loathe to say that car technology is the root cause of this, smartphones definitely have a part to play. There have always been negligent drivers on the road, but now, it seems that as people have more distractions in their car, but to get used to the roads they’re driving on on a regular basis, they think that they own the road. Is technology to blame for distracted driving? Distracted driving has always been there, but it seems to have caused an influx now. As a result, our reaction times are slower, and the bad habits we indulge in, we continue to do so, because we haven’t been involved in an accident.

Rush Hour Vs Respect

Because there’s an increase in congestion, and we’ve all got to be somewhere, the attitudes of looking after ourselves on the road, rather than care about anybody else, becomes an overriding factor. We don’t show other drivers respect anymore, because they don’t show respect to us. It becomes a vicious cycle, but if we were to show more respect to other drivers, then gradually we would make a positive impact on the quality of the roads. Unfortunately, because of the increase in congestion, there are going to be more people who are concerned for their own welfare than anybody else’s and make that stupid maneuver that we all pay for.

So are we getting worse at drivers, or is it everyone else? Ultimately, there are so many different factors at play here, but we are all to blame, so as a result, it’s everybody else’s fault and our fault. We are becoming more selfish as drivers because it seems to be a necessity. This is a very sad state of affairs.

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