Modern Technological Scams That You Shouldn’t Let Get the Better of You

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These days, there are scams popping up left, right and centre. As a consumer, you have to be on top of them so not to be caught out by them. There are so many problems that you can face and have to deal with thanks to the overabundance of technology in our lives. And if you don’t stay on the ball, those tech scams will lose you lots of money. Here are some of the most modern scams that you should never let get the better of you.

Tech Support Scams

We all use internet services providers in order to access the internet. Therefore, there is nothing strange about getting an email from them. However, you need to be careful because some fraudsters now pose as internet service providers when they email you. They will then try to offer some tech support to you. They might even say that this is urgent and needs to be addressed quickly. That’s because they know that people will be more likely to make mistakes that lead to them giving their financial details if they are worried.


Bitcoin Scams

Bitcoin is known for being a very safe and secure way to deal with online transactions. But there are still people out there using Bitcoin as a way to scam you. They will use the anonymity that Bitcoin affords all its users and then tell you that they can transfer the currency for you. They might tell you how secure and fast their services are, but you shouldn’t listen. These people are trying to take advantage of you and steal your money. And that’s just one of the bitcoin scams; you should learn about them all in order to stay safe.

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Paypal Problem Scams

Most of us use Paypal for one reason or another these days. It’s a simple way to pay for things online in a way that is safe. That’s something that any of us can make use of. But there are people out there who are looking to exploit the trust we put in services like Paypal. They will send emails out to Paypal users suggesting that there is some kind of problem on their account. It might tell you that there is a payment dispute that needs your attention or that you owe money. But you should only take this seriously if the email identifies you by name and looks like all other emails you get from Paypal. If it doesn’t tick those boxes, it’s a fraudster.

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Fake Antivirus Scams

Sometimes, you might be prompted to download something that claims to be antivirus software. The problem with this is that it’s rarely the case. These kinds of antivirus software can actually install viruses that can capture your sensitive information onto your computer. Considering that you will be assuming that the software will do the exact opposite of that, it’s a pretty sneaky trick. But it’s one that is common now and has been common for quite a long time. The threat it presents has not gone away, so always be suspicious when this kind of opportunity arises.


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