Do Motorcycles Cause More Accidents Than Cars?


For quite some time, we’ve been under the impression that motorcycles are dangerous. We hear this from people we know, and see it in the media. Many of us are led to believe that they cause far more accidents than cars do.

However, is this true? In short; no, it isn’t. There’s no evidence to suggest that motorcycles cause more accidents than cars do. In fact, I had a look at some of the top causes of road accidents, and motorcyclists weren’t on there.

So, why do people assume that motorbikes are dangerous and cause many accidents? There are a few reasons for this, and I’ll walk you through them now.

Safety Issues

Firstly, it must be said that motorcycles aren’t as safe as cars. More people die in accidents on a motorbike than they do in a car. This is because you have less protection when riding a bike. Cars have a well-structured body that keeps the driver protected. Plus, they have airbags to limit the damage when crashes occur. A motorcyclist is only protected by a helmet and a jacket, nothing else. It stands to reason that they’re more at risk of getting hurt or dying in any accident. To learn more about bike safety and safety gear, you can check this new website out. It’s this lack of safety that makes people think bikes are dangerous. They’re not, it just means if an accident happens, the rider is more at risk than a car driver. To learn more about bike safety and safety gear, you can check out this new website.


High Speeds

Speed is synonymous with motorbikes. Have you ever seen someone riding a motorbike slowly? I haven’t unless there’s heavy traffic. When you see people flying down the highway on a bike, you automatically think it’s dangerous. And, you’re right, speeding of any kind will increase the risk of an accident occurring. Travel at high speeds and your brake time reduces, meaning you struggle to stop when needed. However, bike riders aren’t the only people that are speeding. There are many car drivers that drive even faster than some bikes. Motorcycles aren’t the issue, speeding is!



“Risky” Manoeuvers

Many people think that motorcyclists take risky maneuvers when they’re riding. We’ve all been stuck in slow moving traffic and seen a bike weave its way through the crowds of cars. We get annoyed thinking they’re crazy for doing it. It looks dangerous and risky. But, bikers are allowed to do this when there’s traffic. Especially if everyone is stopped at a set of lights. They have far superior acceleration than cars, as they’re much lighter. As such, they need to be at the front of the queue when they set off. This gives them free space to accelerate away, without worrying about flying into the car in front of them. So, they’re not taking risks; they’re actually playing it safe and reducing the chance of accidents occurring.

You can see how many people think motorcycles are dangerous. But, they don’t cause more accidents than cars do. Accidents occur because of the people involved. Sensible people won’t cause an accident if they drive a car or bike.



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