Motorcycles: Are You Safe On The Road?

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Whenever you read about horrific car accidents, you often hear about the lorries and trucks involved. The sheer size and volume of cars means that the statistics for road traffic accidents are, in some areas, too high. If you are on the road, you are already at risk and every driver knows this. But what about those who are riding motorcycles rather than driving cars?

Any motorcyclist will tell you about the romanticism and freedom of driving on the open road. Sure, they don’t feel the wind in their hair, but the knowledge that it’s their own body that controls the bike is thrilling for most. The thing is, like most thrills, there is an element of danger if not careful. There is a reason that hospitals refer to motorcycles as ‘donorcycles’ and it’s not for a good reason. When motorcycles crash on the road, the driver will take far more of an impact than a driver of a car. This is obvious, given that a car provides a shell around a driver and a motorcyclist doesn’t have that kind of protection, but it doesn’t make it any easier to deal with!

To avoid accidents and injuries, you as a motorcycle enthusiast will need to take your time and learn how to be safe on the road. There is always DeSalvo Law to step in and help when things go wrong, but keeping safe should be the first thing you do. We’ve put together some helpful tips to keep you as secure as possible on a motorbike, so that it won’t be you that ends up in hospital after a crash.

  1. Drive Sane. For many people, going for a drive to cool off after a fight or to head toward somewhere in confrontation is normal. Getting as far away from a situation as possible is the way they cope, and that’s fine. But, as a motorcycle driver, you are putting yourself in danger by driving distracted and emotional. Leaving the bike at home until you are in a happier mindset is going to go a long way to ensuring a safe drive rather than one fuelled by hormones.
  2. TCLOCS. Tires, controls, lights, oil, chassis, stands. Each of these needs a look at every single time you want to get on your bike. Very few motorcycle collisions happen due to the safety of the actual bike; usually there are outside factors and danger from other drivers, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check your bike over before riding.
  3. Drive Slow. It may feel tempting to weave through the traffic and blast ahead of the cars on the road, but think logically. If you are keeping a steady speed while you weave and gain ahead through different lanes, it just takes one false move for it all to go wrong. Drive at the limit in one lane and stay steady. Drivers need to see you and they can’t do that if you’re all over the road.

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Being on the road is a thrill and a privilege, as long as you treat it as such. Drive safe and be road smart, and you can ensure you do your bit.

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