Must Dash…Cam?

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Technology has done amazing things for vehicles, especially when it comes to safety. Most new models come complete with driving sensors and dashboard cameras. And, features like these are fantastic for road safety. That’s a definite plus point and is sure to have a massive implication on auto-accidents. The sad fact is, though, that few of us can afford a top-of-the-range model. Hence, we have no choice but to make do with cars which don’t boast any safety features at all. Or, do we?

In truth, there’s no way to get the full scope of safety gear on an old car. But, that’s not to say you have no options. Most notably, dash cameras are available, and often cheap. As can be seen from sites like, you can invest in one of these babies for less than $120 in some cases. And, many drivers are doing just that. If you’re on the fence about whether to do the same, consider the following reasons why you should.

Undeniable proof

Perhaps the primary benefit of a dash camera is that of proof. With this in place, you can catch thieves in the act, or even prove blame after an accident. As you can see if you read or other resources like it, gaining compensation from an accident often depends on proving liability. The other party may claim they aren’t at fault, and in a typical case, it would be your word against theirs. But, if your camera caught everything, it’s more likely you’ll get a pretty payout at the end of proceedings.

A powerful deterrent

As well as helping to prove guilt, a camera may stop crime altogether. This works in much the same way as something like CCTV would. Generally, thieves will watch your car for a while before acting. And, if they spot your dash cam during that time, they may decide not to break into your vehicle after all. As such, your camera could help your cause without even needing to capture anything.

Reduced insurance claims

As car owners, insurance is often one of the steepest expenses we face. Each month, that hefty bill comes through the door and sets us back a significant amount. And, our insurance is often calculated based on a few different things, from where we park our cars, to how old we are. All these are proven factors which can impact claims. Thus, if you’re young and parking on the road, you’re sure to spend an awful lot of money here. But, just as parking in a garage can reduce the costs, installing a dash cam could save you some pennies here, too. This isn’t a fool-proof method, and not all insurers take cameras into account. But, many are willing to offer a reduced price if you put your own safety measures in place, cameras included. So, that upfront expense could end up saving you a lot of money. If that’s not a good reason to invest, we don’t know what is.

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