Must Know Driving Hacks To Become A Better Driver


Becoming a great driver should be the aim of just about any person that owns a driving license. A car is a dangerous piece of machinery, and there’s always going to be room for improvement. You might think you’re already a good driver, but you shouldn’t get too cocky. It could cost you your car, or worse, your life. Use the hacks in this post to become a better driver:

Perfect Your Parking

Parking is something that many people struggle with, particularly parallel parking. Practicing as much as possible will help you to feel confident and help you when you’re struggling to find an easy spot to park in. There are various hacks for each method of parking, so make sure you take them on board and even write them down if you need to.

Take A Defensive Driving Course

When you take part in a defensive driving course, you can save money on your car insurance, as you prove that you’re serious about being a great driver. You’ll learn lots of great new skills, from how to assess whether the car in front of you is far enough away, and the number of drinks that will put you over the limit for a DUI.

Look Into Different Types Of Training

On top of defensive driving courses, there are lots of other types of training you can look at to help you become a better driver. There’s even online training for all your driving needs. You can take motorway driving courses, night driving courses, and more. You need to find a method that you think will suit you and book it as soon as possible.

Make Sure You Hold The Wheel Correctly

Knowing how to hold your wheel correctly as you drive will make you a better driver and keep your muscles relaxed when driving for long periods. You might think that the best way to hold the wheel while driving is the 10 and 2 position, but this isn’t the case. In the last few years it has been proven that the 8 and 4 and 9 and 3 positions are safer and more comfortable. Try it, and you’ll see that you have much more control over your vehicle.

Stop Speeding (And Not Going Fast Enough)

Speeding increases your risk of getting into an accident – is it really worth knocking a little time off your journey, when you could have just left earlier instead? You need to make sure you’re driving at the minimum speed limit (going too slow can also be dangerous), but you should stay at or under the maximum speed limit to stay as safe as possible. You’ll also reduce your chances of getting points and a ticket.

Never Drive When You Feel Tired

Did you know that driving when you feel tired can be just as bad as driving when you’ve been drinking? Avoid it at all costs. One in six crashes involved a driver that was drowsy, so make sure you find some kind of alternative, whether you’re on a new medication or you simply haven’t had enough sleep.

Make Sure You Know How To Merge In Traffic

If you don’t know how to merge in traffic correctly, you’re going to get into an accident, cause more traffic, and make other drivers seriously angry. Stay calm and wait your turn if you need to get into a different lane, rather than being an aggressive lane cutter. Be patient, but don’t hold up the whole lane.


Adjust Your Mirrors Correctly

You might be a great driver, but if your mirrors aren’t adjusted correctly, you’re going to get into some kind of trouble eventually. You should have adjusted your side mirrors outward so that they are overlapping the rearview mirror. This will help to cover your blind spots as you drive.

Know How To Handle Difficult Driving Conditions

Even drivers with a ton of experience are going to struggle a little when it comes to hazardous conditions. In extreme winter weather, make sure your vehicle is prepared and that you’re driving slowly and safely. You’ll also want to be aware of how to stay safe while driving at night, and when best to wear sunglasses (tip: it doesn’t have to be hot out. Just bright).

Avoid In-Car Distractions Like The Plague

Using your phone while driving is against the law, but many drivers still think that they are an exception to the rule. Turn your phone off and put it in your bag if you don’t need it for navigating. If you’re expecting an important call, have a hands-free device installed in your car and only answer when imperative – then pull over at the next available place. Eating while driving, messing with the radio, and having a passenger that’s talking to you too much can all be distractions. Even having kids in the car can be a distraction.

Make sure you do what you can to avoid distractions. Put your CD in or tune the radio before you set off. Put your postcode in and attach the satnav to your windscreen. Scope out your route before you leave so you don’t panic at the last minute and make a dangerous move. It can be a good idea to look at landmarks and intersections using Google Street View if you don’t know the area first, so you don’t end up panicking when you arrive.

Practice Makes Perfect

As with any other skill, practice makes perfect. Drive more consciously. Be mindful and aware at all times. Remember that driving is a privilege too, and if you make any silly mistakes it’s something that could be taken away from you. Failing to drive properly could result in irreparable damage!

Whether you already think you’re a great driver or you know you could use a little improvement, these tips are for you. Remember, there’s always something you can improve on, so become more mindful next time you’re behind the wheel and think of the things you can do better. Good luck!

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