Need For Speed: Things To Consider Before Buying A Supercar

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Everyone has dreams of buying and owning a supercar at some point. You see them on TV shows, you may rarely see one being driven around, and they have an almost mythical air about them. You know they exist, but they always seem to be out of your grasp. Still, this doesn’t stop many people from saving up and getting to a point where their dreams are suddenly more of a reality.

Before you jump head-first into the pool of supercars out there, it’s vital to know what you’re getting in to. The idea of a supercar seems faultless, but there are some considerations to take into account. So, here are a few things to bear in mind before you splash your cash on a speed demon:

Car safety

It’s funny how a lot of things get thrown out the window when you’re looking at supercars. If you were to buy a regular car, then you’d obviously think about the safety. How well did the car score on the various safety tests? What safety features are built into the vehicle? Ironically, none of these things seems to matter when you buy supercars!

The simple fact is that they are less safe than your average car. This is partly because of the increased speed and power available, but also because they lack many safety features. It can still be safe to drive a supercar, but be aware that you are at more risk. For this reason, it is a smart idea to compare safety features in different supercars and choose one that is deemed the ‘safest’.

The power surge

Following on from car safety, you’ve got to take into account the sheer increase in power that supercars possess. They get their name for a reason; these vehicles are the superheroes of the car world. Driving a regular car will not compare to driving a supercar at all. Many people experience a shock when they go from a learner car to a slightly bigger one. For example, most people learn in quite small cars like a Mini or a Ford Fiesta. Then, you may get your license and borrow a parent’s car or buy one of your own. It could be bigger and more powerful, and the jump up takes time to get used to.

By comparison, jumping up to supercar levels is even bigger. It can be very difficult to come to terms with how easily your car can race ahead at top speeds. Therefore, it’s also slightly dangerous. It’s highly recommended that you take the car out on test drives before you buy it. Or, try and get to a track day where you can drive multiple supercars and get a feel for them. This can prepare you for the intense power surge if you buy a supercar, making it easier to drive.

Image Credit– CC0 License

Very expensive

Supercars are obviously very expensive. They vary in price, with some costing a few hundred thousand dollars and others going into the millions. Either way, be aware that this is a sizeable investment on your behalf. Take a look at your finances and your life situation to make absolutely certain that this is the right decision for you!

If you still want to go through with it, then be smart about how you buy. Purchasing a brand new supercar is largely a waste of money. The value drops considerably, and it’s almost impossible to improve on an already immense machine. Instead, try dipping into the used market. When you look around, you’ll find it’s easy to see some low mileage used Ferraris, relatively new Porsches, and plenty of other great used supercars. As long as they’re in good condition, then you don’t lose out on much at all. Plus, you can save tens of thousands of dollars!

Running costs

In line with the cost of the car itself, supercars come with somewhat inflated running costs. This is mainly because they consume a lot more gas than regular cars. They’re the complete opposite of economical, so be aware that you will likely fill the tank up a lot!

Not the most practical

A supercar is never going to replace your regular car. This is a very important factor as it means that you’ll probably need two cars all the time. As such, you have to factor that into the running costs as well. Can you afford to run two cars at the same time? If you can, then that’s great, this isn’t an issue for you!

Still, be aware that you shouldn’t expect a supercar to do everything that a normal car does. It will lack a lot of storage space, there will be hardly any seats for passengers, and so on. If you have no need for trunk storage or passengers, then you may be able to just own a supercar. However, the vast majority of you probably need another car as well. So, if you were thinking about buying this car to replace your daily one, then maybe you need to think again. You could always trade-in your current one for a cheaper option – this gives money towards the supercar and provides you with a daily car to drive as well.

Attracting attention

Finally, be wary that owning a supercar will attract lots of attention. This is both a blessing and a curse. There’s something very empowering about seeing people stare at your car when you drive. Or, watching people slow down as they walk passed it in the parking lot.

However, this also generates some security concerns. Supercars are obviously more prone to being stolen than regular ones. As such, try and keep your car as safe and secure as possible. When you’re not using it, park it in your garage. If you don’t have a garage, then either consider building one or get a big car cover to hide your vehicle. People know how valuable supercars are, so they won’t hesitate to try and take yours.

Overall, owning a supercar can be an invigorating experience. But, there is a lot of baggage that comes with them. If you want to buy a masterful vehicle, then be sure you think about all of these things beforehand. Now, you can make a more informed decision and avoid any shocks when you buy the car.

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