Why Does Netflix Keep Removing Your Favorite Shows?

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I was halfway a movie on Netflix the other day when I had to go out, so I paused it and left. A week or so later, I remembered that I never finished watching it but when I went on to resume it, it was gone. Netflix had removed it before I could get to the end. It’s so annoying and it happens all the time. It’s particularly bad with TV shows that have loads of seasons. You hear that it’s being taken down from Netflix soon so you end up trying to binge 11 seasons in a week and rushing through it takes some of the enjoyment out.

You’d think that Netflix would want to keep all of the popular content up on their platform so there’s more choice and they can draw people in with hit shows. So, why would they take stuff down?

The main reason that Netflix takes movies and TV shows down is the licensing. When they buy a TV show they don’t just purchase it outright and get to do whatever they want with it forever. Instead, they buy a license for a limited time. Most of the time, they can get that license renewed but if somebody else is willing to put a higher offer in for it, it might not get renewed.

With more and more online streaming services popping up to compete with Netflix, that’s becoming more likely. Some tv channels are also starting to create their own platform and so they retain exclusive rights to a lot of their shows, forcing customers to pay for their service if they want to watch the best stuff. HBO has already launched two of their own. Visit digitaltrends.com for a rundown of the difference between the two.

The BBC is also considering it. Doctor Who is one of the most recent losses from Netflix that upset fans all over, and this could be the reason. If the BBC creates their own streaming service then it doesn’t look likely to return at all. You can see the details on Netflixupdate.com, Netflix is currently trying to negotiate a new deal with the BBC but there’s no telling whether it’ll go through or not. If they do launch their own streaming service, it’s likely that it’ll only be in the US so everybody else can still get Doctor Who but we won’t over here.

Another reason that a show can disappear from Netflix is that network that originally aired it is going to show it again. If you can already get all of the seasons on Netflix, why would anybody bother watching in on a scheduled network? That’s why they might temporarily take it down from Netflix but the good news with these shows is that they’re more likely to let Netflix renew their license once their reruns are over.

If you’re worried about missing out on the endings of your favorite shows, there are ways that you can find out if a Netflix show is expiring. Most of the time there will be a date in the information but it’ll only pop up with thirty days left.

It’s always a pain when Netflix takes down your favorite show but don’t worry, there’s always a chance that it’ll come back.

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