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With news of Worldwide cyber attacks hitting the media over the last week; computer security is becoming much more of a concern. Everyday people have started investing in top-class anti-virus software. And, businesses are going to even greater lengths to protect themselves. Unfortunately, though, a lot of people fail to do one small thing which can solve these issues before they ever exist. And, this little job is updating your computer. The recent WannaCry attacks have been blamed largely on the fact the infected computers weren’t updated. So, to help you out, this post will be going through exactly why you need to update your computer. And, how you can go about doing it.


Of course, you probably have a basic understanding of what computer updates do. But, you might not have the whole story. Computer updates are more than just a way for a company to make their software a little better. In fact, most of the time, these updates are almost entirely behind the scenes. Operating system updates are the most important of them all. As new issues arise, companies like Microsoft and Apple will update their OS’s as soon as possible. These updates are rolled out for free. But, you still have to go through the effort of installing them or enabling automatic updates. Usually, an operating system’s built-in security is enough to protect you. It will be useless when it’s out of date, though.

Unfortunately, the people that make and distribute viruses are very stubborn and determined. Regardless of their agenda; they are incredibly powerful in the modern age. As companies come out with improved methods of evading criminals; hackers are finding new ways to get around these methods. This is what makes it important to keep updating your computer. It’s impossible for a company to release software capable of stopping all threats. And, this is simply because all of the threats haven’t been determined, yet.

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There are loads of tools in place to help anyone keep their computer up to date. Your operating system will allow you to set up automatic updates. But, this will be different between manufacturers; so, you have to do some research to do this. Along with this, you have to remember to restart your computer as often as required. A lot of companies will use maintenance management software to get this sort of work done. This can track the computers in their organisation; to make sure that everything is going to plan. It’s much harder for businesses to control their updates. With so many computers under their charge; it’s a huge undertaking to ensure they are all updated. So, it makes sense that companies invest in software to make things easier.

Hopefully, this will give you a good idea of why you need to keep your computer up-to-date. This sort of effort is extremely important to anyone who wants to keep their computer secure. Often, issues like viruses can cause you to lose loads of data. So, it’s worth working hard to ensure that they don’t affect you.

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