New Marketing Ideas With Old School Tools

The dawn of digital marketing has made many companies focus on tech-based marketing solutions. Because of how well tech-giants like Facebook allow you to pinpoint customers, some online businesses have turned to social media as an exclusive point of contact with consumers. And while there is merit in using data to drive your business through online advertisement, some old school techniques still work for many small businesses. The key to using old school methods is creativity. Like with any aspect of your business, you should be looking to differentiate your marketing techniques in order to stand out from the crowd. This article will give a brief overview of how you can use old school tools in the world of modern advertising. But if your looking into modern ways of Marketing check out this link Digital Marketing Software

Steer Clear of Traditional Methods

Overwhelming evidence points to many modern consumers suffering from a phenomena known as ad-fatiguepeople are simply sick of traditional advertising. In addition, modern consumers are very wary of companies trying to oversell their product. Instead, you should look to create advertisements that catch an individuals eye. Sometimes its better for your brand awareness not to make it about your product at all focus on attaching your name to something cool or interesting.


While newspaper readership has decreased across the world, it is still an effective way of marketing certain products. Its also much cheaper than it used to be since the advertising industry has gotten increasingly competitive. Approach the idea in a new light don’t just have a BUY NOWordinary ad-campaign in your local newspaper. An interesting idea could be to start a series of riddles or clues that potential customers have to work over multiple newspaper editions in order to win a prize. This can create a bit of hype around your business and end up getting you some additional publicity through other mediums.

Brochures, Stickers, and Other Hand Outs

If youre a company that often has booths set up at local events, or you hand out information to customers in-store, you may want to consider getting creative with your informational material. Consider contacting a graphic designer that is particularly good at getting the most of leaflet design. Consumers are constantly saturated with advertising material most of them wont even look at your information if it doesnt catch their eye. Also, there are some really cool companies that are redesigning the way you look at other items such as stickers. Previously, stickers were plain and one dimensional. But firms are now producing a range of super-cool custom stickers that could be used to promote your business. Options include vinyl, 3D, and glossy paper designs. Custom stickers also appear more expensive, which gives potential customers the notion that youre willing to spend money on them.


Another old form of advertising that you can use to your advantage is billboards. Despite billboards being in less demand than in previous decades, theyre still a valid way of luring in local clientele. This is another advertising method that you could consult a graphic designer for get them to create something extremely eye catching. If people find your billboard amusing enough its likely they will tell friends and family or even take a photo to post on social media!

Change Your Entire Approach

Its hard to fake what type of operation you run. Consumers in the modern world are savvy at analyzing a businesss intentions. Try to overhaul your entire image by making your workplace and store-fronts fun and engaging. Consumers will value a place that they feel has a positive environment. Also, you should never focus all your energy on digital marketing despite its popularity, there are still many consumers who dont use technology as frequently as younger generations. And remember dont delay getting creative with your business, it could be losing you money!

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