New To Motorbikes? Heed These Pointers

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If you’ve finally passed your motorbike test, you’re probably a little worried about venturing out on your two wheels all on your own. Like when you passed your driving test, deciding the direction you are going to be traveling without anyone guiding you feels odd to begin with. However, you will soon build up your confidence and relish feeling the wind zooming past your helmet and being closer to nature. As a new motorbike rider, there are some safety tips that you should adhere to. Being on the open road and more exposed to the elements leads to a new set of hazards. Take a look at this guide for all newbie bikers.

Wear The Right Attire

Forget the Bermuda shorts and tee shirt, or even jeans for that matter, you should be getting your own set of leathers. While expensive, this gear will protect you like a forcefield if you ever find yourself in a collision. You still might want to secure the services of a motorcycle accident attorney but you also want to make sure that you’re alive and well. You may break a few bones but your leathers, like your helmet, could be the difference between life and death. Ensure that you couple your leathers with a decent pair of biking boots to protect your feet. You could also opt for some thermals in the winter and don’t forget the peel away visor screens for the torrential downpours that you may find yourself in on occasion.

Don’t Feel The Need For Speed (Too Much)

While being more exposed to the elements can give you a thrill, the temptation to push your speed faster and faster isn’t a great one to give into. The speed limit is there for a reason and you need to stick to it as much as the hatchback driver ahead of you. Keep to your own pace and never feel pressured to increase the speed. Consider other road users. Many motorcycle riders have the poor reputation of being selfish and intolerant to other road users. Break the mold and show drivers that you will filter through traffic responsibly, you won’t take risks and you’ll never pass on the left. This is foolhardy and could result in your serious injury.

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Be Defensive

Road rage is not a good look for anyone let alone a motorcycle rider. If you head out onto the road assuming that everyone around you is not aware of the hazards around you, it will make you hyper aware and more sensible when on the road. While you might like to get in the zone and enjoy your ride, you also need to be vigilant against those pedestrians that jay walk, those drivers that undertake on a highway, and those road users who will try to intimidate you by getting too close behind. By being defensive and sticking to the laws of the road, you are being a responsible rider.

Getting out on the open road and experiencing a new form of thrill seeking is exciting. Just make sure that you are able to heed this advice to help you head out on your Honda, Kawasaki or Suzuki with fun and freedom in mind.

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