New Year’s Resolution? How About Being A “New” Driver?


Well, as a new year is upon us, out of the woodwork come all of those resolutions that mean nothing. But what about your own driving? Do you consider yourself to be prone to a little bit of road rage? We’re all guilty of blaming other people for our own road faults, so we can make a few little changes to our driving habits that result in a safer experience for everyone. What can we all do to be a “new” driver?

Don’t Ignore The Two-Second Rule

Whether you are driving in bad conditions or the most blissful of sunshine, tailgating is the biggest pet peeve of all. After all, you don’t like it if there’s someone directly behind you, and what if you were to brake suddenly? Yes, you might be in a rush to get somewhere, but you’re not going to get there any quicker by intimidating the driver in front. For once, keep your distance!

Don’t Bow To Social Pressure

You know your tolerance to alcohol. And even if you have one, do you want this to be hanging over your head if an accident happens? If you’re wondering how long does a DUI stay on your record, it can be a few years, which has a negative impact on your insurance costs, and can cast a cloud over your enjoyment of driving- a big price to pay! So if you drive somewhere to meet with friends, and they push one alcoholic beverage, which means they can push another and another on you, be strong and refuse the first.

Plan Ahead

So many accidents happen because we have no plan in place. We can be tempted to follow the GPS to get us there in one piece but if there’s a myriad of distractions in the vehicle, and you take your eyes off the road for that one split second, there is no telling what might happen. For any journey, planning ahead and getting a better idea of the roads will make for a less stressful journey.

Look At The Road!

It’s amazing how many people multitask when they’re behind the wheel. We all know that this is a stupid thing to do, but if we got away with it once, we think we can get away with it again. Instead, if you want to be a new driver, get rid of any distraction. This means turn off your phone, keep the music at a decent volume, and if you’re traveling with other people, ensure they know what the priority is- the road! Even if you’ve got someone in the passenger seat that sits next to you all the time, they can get complacent as well. It’s as much a lesson for anybody else in the car as it is for you.

We all fall into bad habits behind the wheel, and as we’re into a new year, it’s time to be a new driver. We know deep down that we’ve got these silly little habits which we’re too stubborn to iron out as we think that as we’ve been driving for years, this makes us a better driver. This isn’t the case!

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