No Longer Pay for Cable TV

In this article I am going to explain my reasons behind doing away with Cable TV, and the benefits I get from it. First off I’d like to say that if your one of those people who can’t go without your TV Series that you can only get on a paying service like Cable or Netflix etc, then this article isn’t for you!

Now over the past few years I’ve found that I watch more and more of my content via YouTube, Which is free and contains just about anything you can imagine which is one reason behind my switch from Cable to YouTube and other platforms.

Below I will list out a few reasons as to why I’ve switched and maybe you may find yourself considering it as well! Now I would like to mention there are plenty of other platforms that offer video entertainment which you can even download videos straight from the app or websites like Twitter check out this tutorial to find out how to download videos from twitter to your computer or iPhone!

Reasons for Switching

  1.  Real life content, meaning I can watch videos of everyday people real reality TV!
  2.  Multiple types of content, I can sit down and watch some just about anything from Cooking shows to Technology tutorials and its all free.
  3.  The ability to chat with the people in the videos and get a response back, sometimes when I would watch a cable TV show I would find myself wishing I could comment on there good or crappy acting skills.
  4.  Downloadable content for free, being able to download shows or tutorials is a must for me, because I can always go back and watch them anytime anywhere!
  5. Did I mention its free, now of course your going to need internet to use YouTube however your bill will be less and you will kill 2 or more birds with 1 stone!

Now I know there’s a lot of shows out there and movies that are a must see, and your wondering how do I watch them without paying for cable, one way is buying the series or movie on DVD that way I have a hard copy and can watch them whenever I want, another way is by either going to the movies or using a program called Kodi and installing addons which will allow me to stream the show or movie to my device!

So the next time your out at a store and get stopped by a Marketing guy who has a booth setup selling cable services just tell them no thanks I get my most of my entertainment for free!

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