Overcoming The Obstacles Of Electric Car Ownership

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Electric cars have lots of advantages – they’re more economical, less noisy and have less of a cost on the environment. However, there are some pitfalls to owning an electric car such as limited drive range, long charge times and specialist maintenance requirements. Here are some ways to overcome these obstacles and make the most out of electric car ownership.

Install a home EV charger

Whilst you can find EV charging spots all over the place, it’s much more convenient to get one installed outside your home, so that you can leave your vehicle to charge overnight when you don’t need to use it. EV charging stations cost about a grand to install, which is a lot of money to weigh up, however it could be necessary if you don’t live near a charging point. It’s best to shop around and compare prices on these stations to get the best deal.

Find a specialist repair service

Not all mechanics are able to repair electric vehicles. Fortunately, there are repair centres that specialise in the likes of Smart car maintenance. You should always hire a qualified professional to repair your electric car as it could be dangerous for someone to attempt repairs that isn’t experienced. As with standard mechanics, pricing varies from each repair centre, so it’s worth shopping around to find the most affordable service.

Plan your journeys

‘Range anxiety’ has become a term adopted by electric car users describing the fear of an electric car running out of battery before reaching a charging point. The way of getting around this fear is to simply plan out each journey thoroughly before embarking. When taking a long journey, try to look for places along the way where there are charging points and possibly accommodation to stop for the night. There are sites and apps that map out every charging point in the country so that you always know where the nearest one is. Try not to take chances when it comes to your car’s range and look up traffic reports so that you can avoid heavily congested roads.

Drive more efficiently

You can increase your vehicle’s range by making improvements to your driving style. The harder you accelerate and faster you go, the more power you’ll churn up. Try to take a less aggressive approach to driving and you could increase your battery’s life. You should also consider the weight of your vehicle. Driving with a roofbox on or carrying lots of unnecessary heavy contents could cause you to use up more energy. You should also check that your tires are fully inflated and not worn – underinflated or worn tires could be putting extra strain on your driving and using up more battery. Finally, you should take care when using conveniences such as air conditioning or the radio as these will also use up extra battery power.

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