Parts Of The House We Clean The Least

It may look clean here, but there’s a good chance no actual effort has gone into cleaning the germs away! (Credit)

Are you proud of your living space? It’s where you can work, eat, sleep, and relax; the place where you can really be yourself. And you spend plenty of time cleaning up after yourself, washing the dishes at least every other night, and you’ve got your washing hanging out to dry. But is your living space as clean as it could be?

It’s very common for people to have a weekly cleaning of their living space, considering the busy schedules most of us lead these days. However, there’s quite a few neglected areas in our houses and apartments, and these collect a lot of dust and dirt and mold. And this can end up polluting the atmosphere in our rooms, making it quite unhealthy to breathe; so let’s look at a couple of the least cleaned areas in the house.

The Ventilation

This includes both the windows and any actual air vents inside of your home. Of course these are open spots to the outside world, and thus you’re never going to be able to eliminate all grim and germs from them, but they could probably do with a quick pick me up now. For your windows, everything the weather threw at them during that day is going to stain the glass, so make it a regular occurance to brighten your outlook on the outside world.

Having a general window cleaner spray on hand is enough here, and it’d be a good idea to implement a rule of not touching the glass when opening the window to make sure your job is easier in the future. And for your ventilation, mostly likely situated in the bathroom and the kitchen, you can use an air filter cleaner to make sure this is a very easy job. Of course it’s the job of a vent to keep dust out of your rooms, but you can make it easier on the filter by zapping the dirt at the root.

Your Stove

Of course, this is one of the things in your house which you use the most, and that means new dirt and germ is added to it daily. And research has shown it’s on the top ten list for the worst germ breeding grounds in normal homes; no one wants to knowingly live with such life threatening risks on their hands. First of all, it’d be a good idea to wash the stove down after every meal, but you need to make sure you hit all of the spots on it as you do this.

Your stove knobs, for example, are probably laden with bacteria that you just didn’t think about washing away. Get a cloth and some warm, soapy water and brush these down once a week, just to minimise any germ risk on you and your family.

Your house deserves a good clean, and awareness can make sure of this.

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